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About Hart 4 Technology

Hart 4 Technology: for all your technological challenges

Hart 4 Technology has a heart for the business, your business to be precise: we work every day to secure and improve the cybersecurity in your company. With advice, maintenance and additional products for your workplace, we ensure that the technology in your organization is optimally arranged.

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Data lines between different parties and devices

That's why you work with Hart 4 Technology:

  • We deliver tailor-made solutions: by taking a good inventory of your wishes and situation, we find the most suitable solution and prevent you from incurring unnecessary costs.
  • We work in a solution-oriented way: in our extensive product range we always find a suitable product that is easy to use, safe and inexpensive. 
  • We are a total provider: from advice to installation and from mouse to Zero Trust netwerk security - with Hart 4 Technology you have 1 partner for all your technology. 

Everything for your workplace

Efficient and safe working starts with a good basis. In our product range you will find everything you need for your workplace: from laptops and servers to printers and monitors. We always find a suitable product for your budget and advise you on the best solutions for the technological challenges in your company. We take care of the installation and maintenance, so you can get started without worries and are always up-to-date.

Working remotely with video calls
Internet in public space

Security of public spaces

Not only in the office or on the road, but also in public spaces, restricting and monitoring access is playing an increasingly important role. With Fujitsu's and Smart Keeper innovative solutions, we also offer solutions for the security of endpoints, buildings, football stadiums, ATMs and more. 

With PalmSecure technology we can secure existing physical access to buildings even better. Fujitsu's P-Line monitors are also ideally suited for use in public areas, thanks to their absence protection.

Make an appointment

Our experts are ready to provide you with more information about our products or advice about your situation. Contact us for an appointment and find out how we can help you work more efficiently and securely.

Everything for your data security

The new GDPR, the increasing degree of mobile working and growing data processing represent opportunities for your company, but also risks. Data security plays an increasingly important role in our lives and will also have to occupy a more important place in your organization. 

You want to work efficiently and cheaply, but you also want to prevent risks such as data leaks and damage to your image. Together with you, we will look for a solution that works for your organization. We map out the developments in technology on a daily basis and actively look for smart solutions to keep your company and files protected.

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