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Faronics is a software developer founded in 1996. It is headquartered in Vancouver (Canada). Faronics provides software that helps manage, simplify and secure multi-user computing environments. Their product offering guarantees 100% availability of the workstations and frees the IT teams from annoying technical support and software problems.


  • Deep Freeze reduces IT costs and maintains the desired computer configurations.
  • Data Igloo offers the possibility to exempt certain data folders, user profiles or even registry keys from frozen status. This is done by redirecting them to a thawed partition (ThawSpace).
  • Software Updater allows you to install or upgrade software on workstations.
  • Anti-Executable prevents installations of unapproved software
  • WINSelect enables IT administrators to access applications, websites, programs as well to customizing the menu options
  • Usage Stats gives you insight in the user statistics of IT resources. With this you can make a well-considered IT decisions.
  • Incident Reporting allows users to easily report incidents, submit support requests or feedback.
  • Power Save reduces energy costs because they use intelligent energy management
  • Imaging allows you to remotely perform installations of the Windows operating system easily in 4 steps.
  • Remote connect allows you to centrally manage all remote locations
  • Anti-Virus provides malware protection and also keeps hackers out through the built-in firewall
  • Insight provides total control over classroom computers

Faronics technological innovations benefits for example for educational and healthcare institutions. But also libraries, government organizations and companies.