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Zivver secure email and video calling

Zivver Mail for secure emailing

Zivver is a Dutch company and they offer a highly encrypted email solution that prevents the leakage of valuable data. Zivver easily integrates with Outlook and Gmail and helps you comply with data protection regulations such as the GDPR and NTA 7516. Zivver's technology checks that it is secure before the email will be sent. Real-time alerts prevent data leakage. Whether emailing to the wrong person or sending the wrong file. Zivver enables you to correct these types of errors before you send the email, so you can comply with your organization's data policies.

Zivver Mail
zivver mail

Zivver Mail

Zivver Meet
zivver meet

Zivver Meet

Your secure e-mail communication will not be intercepted while using Zivver. This is due to the way Zivver has designed smart technology in its platform. Even after transmission, your data is kept secure. Because you have the key yourself, Zivver cannot access your data. Keeps control after sending and, if necessary, you can quickly respond to errors. For example, by simply recalling access to email messages, you can prevent a (potential) data breach. Zivver gives you control over your data flow. With the detailed dashboard and logging you can easily view the risks, causes and impact of data leaks. When a data breach occurs, you can act quickly.

Zivver Meet for secure video calling

Zivver Meet is the alternative to unsafe video solutions and is the only solution in the market for secure video calling. The Zivver Meet service can be used from recent web browsers and is fully GDPR compliant. This allows you to make video calls with peace of mind. In addition, this service offers additional security measures for confident.

Zivver Meet is the video service with a high level of encryption. Because Zivver also complies with NTA 7516, it is also very suitable for healthcare institutions.