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Zivver Meet

Zivver Meet is the alternative to online video calling. This is also the only truly secure solution in the market. This service can be used from most recent web browsers and is fully GDPR compliant.

Safe and compliant video calling

Zivver Meet is a high-quality video service and has a high level of encryption. With this, the organizations comply with the laws and regulations of the GDPR or NTA 7516. So Zivver Meet is also extremely suitable for healthcare institutions. In addition, this service offers extra security measures. For example, setting a conference password for setting up confidential video calls..

Easy to use for home workers

Set up video calling with Zivver Meet in just a few clicks. The link can be easily sent to the participants. Then the participants can attend the online meeting from their own (mobile) device.

Moreover, you can easily schedule video appointments in the calendar, appointment system, electronic patient record (EPR), case systems or CRM package. No additional software or configuration is required for this.

Flexible subscriptions make use low-threshold and cost-effective

With Zivver Meet's flexible subscriptions, you can look at the needs of the users and make the right choice from there. For example, the entire team can benefit from a pay-what-you-use option. More comprehensive packages can also be chosen. Consider a selection of a few colleagues who need to make a lot of secure video calls.

Zivver Meet is also the most cost-effective solution for secure video calling.