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Safe-T - secure application and file access

Safe-T delivers solutions aimed at protecting your organisation against cyber-attacks. Safe-T products enable safe application and file access and provide Multi-Factor user authentication. This gives hackers no chance and protects your corporate network from cyberattacks such as lateral movement attacks.

Safe-T | Complete network security | Delivery within 5 days

Protect your organisation against cyber attacks and data theft. Control secure file and application access and identity authentication with Safe-T.

ZoneZero SDP, optimal security of your network and internal applications
Replace legacy VPN
Modernizing access and improving security
Reduce network attack surface drastically
50 in stock
ZoneZero SDP, optimal security of your network and internal applications
ZoneZero MFA - Integrate Multi-Factor Authentication to any service or application
Eliminate identity takeover fraud
Fully software independent
Easy and fast implementation
Provides micro network segmentation
50 in stock
ZoneZero MFA - Integrate Multi-Factor Authentication to any service or application
ZoneZero VPN, achieve ZTNA with your Existing VPN
Eliminates vulnerabilities of VPN connections
No change in behavior continue to use your VPN client
Integrating Zero Trust network access on current VPN connections
50 in stock
ZoneZero VPN, achieve ZTNA with your Existing VPN

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The managers and experts within Safe-T are specialists from B2B security companies, government agencies and military elite units. This is why Safe-T can deliver the highest possible level of security. Faced with the complex challenges of data protection and digital transformation within companies, they are always developing solutions that put hackers out of action. It is not for nothing that banks, the insurance industry, the health sector, but also the government and the secret services can use Safe-T's solutions.

Safe-T solutions are being developed in Israel, the United Kingdom and the United States. As a result, the company operates globally and works with an optimised logistics process.

Digital transformation requires higher levels of security against cyber attacks

The digital transformation that organizations and government agencies face today brings with it many new opportunities. Communication and logistics processes with third parties are simplified, working from home is possible anytime, anywhere, and companies do business in real time through e-commerce, among other things. The dependence on networks and the reliability of 'the cloud' to store company data here requires a high level of security. However, in practice, there is still a lot of use of:

  • Infrastructures with a perimeter networks (demilitarized zone, DMZ)
  • Access applications with IPSEC, SSL VPNs or open firewalls
  • Easy user authentication

These old methods do not take modern connectivity challenges into account!

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Safe-T provides optimal protection against cyber attack

Safe-T focuses mainly on access security and blocking lateral movement attacks. With this, the products from Safe-T ensures you that hackers stay out. Are they still inside? Then Safe-T prevents them from moving laterally through the network (lateral movement). Think of an attacker compromising or controlling a component within a network. As a result, he can use the device he is using to move to other components within the same network. Obviously, you want to prevent this at all times in order to protect your network and Protect crucial digital business assets from theft and data breaches. The solutions easily and seamlessly integrate with all enterprise networks and applications.

Modern access requirements, don't give hackers a chance

  • Authentication of users before the identity-based access is granted
  • Access control for all users. Think internal network, VPN and non-VPN user
  • Add MFA to supporting applications
  • Hide network and application services from unauthorized users
  • Reduce attack surface by 'cloaking' your network and closing the firewall ports
  • Prevention against lateral movement attacks
  • Monitoring the flow of access to applications
  • Ensures the organization meets the security requirements before granting access

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