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Cybersecurity is no longer an option, it's an absolute must for everyone

The fines for not having the security of personal data in order can be charged of an amount to 4% of your company's global turnover. Not to mention the financial damage that the organization will incur due to a significant dent in its image!

The fight against hackers and the preventing cyber attacks has long been an important topic within the government, healthcare, financial institutions, but also within SMB's. Cyber security is increasingly higher on the agenda. And that's a good thing. It is essential to properly assess the risks of cyber attacks and data breaches so that you can take appropriate measures to prevent problems.

Connected to the internet = risk

Are your systems connected to the Internet? Then there are various risks of malware and data theft. By putting cybersecurity high on the agenda and actually applying it in practice, you can prevent sensitive information from ending up on the street with all the (financial) consequences.

Don't think that a digital attack can't happen within your organization! Sometimes you don't realize it at all or you are simply too late...

Cybersecurity is no longer an option, it is an absolute must

A good cyber security can protect your organization from phishing, ransomware, malware-attacks, DDoS-attacks. Hackers are getting smarter and applying increasingly sophisticated hacking methods. Attacks such as cross-scripting, side-channel attacks, chain attacks and man-in-the-middle aattacks are also often combined with ransomware attacks.

Read more about the risks of ransomware: The ultimate preparation against Ransomware.


Mapping cyber risks for your organizationy

The first step to identifying cyber risks is to regularly scan your website and email via By regularly going through this checklist you will gain insight into the latest internet standards and areas for improvement. The advice is therefore, get to work with the results of the test. In practice, it appears more and more often that the choice of a supplier stands or falls with security. After all, good cyber security looks more reliable.

Also, properly map out the risks of data breaches. Consider the GDPR in this regard. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It is the law that ensures that personal data is protected. This European legislation forces all organizations, large and small, to ensure that personal data is processed, stored and deleted according to strict guidelines when it no longer serves a purpose. Cybersecurity must ensure that personal data of customers, employees and business contacts are safe at all times. The fines for not having personal data security in order can be as high as 4% of your company's global turnover. Not to mention the financial damage that the organization will incur due to a significant dent in its image!

The security of cloud applications

More and more organizations today are using cloud applications, which are basically more secure than the current local servers and software. But there is more you can do as an organization to protect your networks and data and increase cyber security:

ZoneZero – Zero trust security

Zero Trust security with most simple solution with patented technology of ZoneZero. With this hybride (cloud or on-prem) ensure that you apply network segments to each application or system and maintain control within your organization. ZoneZero's patented Reverse Access technology is at the heart of the revolutionary internal access module. This technology prevents hackers from scanning ports (inside and outside the network). Your network is thus rendered completely invisible.

Zero Trust is an increasingly popular approach to network design. This concept was coined by Forrester. Zero Trust requires organizations to break down the network into smaller secure segments. This prevents malware from moving laterally across the network, preventing exposure of vulnerable systems and protecting sensitive data from unauthorized applications and users.

The reasons for using ZoneZero as a Zero Trust solution are:

  • Reduce the attack surface of your organization
  • Protect and control sensitive data
  • Enable the rollout of digital business applications
  • Support the migration of applications to the cloud
  • Ensures greater certainty and control of your data flows within and outside the organization
  • Prevents incoming malware and outgoing data loss
  • Zero Trust solution is also advised by the Dutch NCSC (Nationaal Cybersecurity Centrum)
  • Reducing costs (lowering your TCO)

Neowave – optimale authenticatie

For authentication use modern login methods with passwordless FIDO technology from Neowave. This also works seamlessly in combination with the above Zero Trust solution from ZoneZero..

ESET – goes beyond antivirus

Endpoint security from ESET on any computer or mobile device should have a good European antivirus, and ESET goes even further than just antivirus. ESET Endpoint security solutions, unlike standard antivirus products, works with multilayer technologies. This makes it possible to detect and block threats in a timely manner. How the security layers work within ESET can be find here.

Smart Keeper – block ports and keep intruders out

In addition to logically blocking ports, we recommend physically locking or blocking them with our solutions from Smart Keeper. With Smart Keeper it is possible to block physical gates. This way you keep intruders out in a simple and effective way, which also does not involve annual physical costs and maintenance. Want to know more about Smart Keeper? Visit here.  

Zivver – safe sending of e-mails

For secure e-mail transmission and file sharing, we recommend the use of Zivver. Technological developments continue and the digital transformation of working from home has become quite normal. This is where Zivver comes in. This software allows you to communicate with each other easily, securely and in a smart way. More information about Zivver look here

Encrypted USB-sticks and hard drives

Next, it is important to transport company-sensitive information in a secure manner as well. In addition, it is very important to prevent BadUSB malware and other password attacks. Think about Brute force and password rewind attack.

As an organization, make sure you have the right authentication in place:

  • Password: IronKey, DataLocker Sentry One
  • PIN code: Apricorn, DataLocker Sentry K350, SecureUSB KP
  • Smartcard: Viasat, Digittrade
  • Bluetooth: SecureUSB BT
  • Face ID/Touch ID: SecureUSB BT
  • Two factor authentication: Viasat, Digittrade

Optimal security for your protected storage media

If you want optimal security for your protected storage media, then we recommend SafeConsole management. With this platform you can manage the secure storage media but also the USB ports per computer.

Increase cybersecurity within your organization?

Contact Har 4 Technology. Our specialists will be happy to tell you all about the possibilities and provide advice for your organization.