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DL4 2TB Encrypted ESSD FIPS 140-2 Level 3

Article number DL4-SSD-2TB-FE
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EAN-number 0850005815167

DataLocker DL4 SSD | Optimal data encryption

With the Datalocker DL4 SSD you secure your data through advanced encryption. Remote management possible. User-friendly interface. Order now.

Encrypt your data instantly on the go or at your workplace

The DataLocker DL4 SSD FE is a FIPS 140-2 Level 3-certified device built around a powerful AES 256-bit cryptographic hardware architecture. It adds one layer of security after another using automated policies. The Datalocker DL4 SSD is widely used in banking and healthcare.

The DL4 SSD FE is a powerful and fast addition to the DataLocker line and provides powerful encryption out of the box. Everything you need to encrypt data is built into the DL4 SSD FE. No drivers, no need to install anything, it just works.

AES 256-bit data encryption

The AES 256-bit encryption is realized in a user-friendly interface, making it easy to work with the DataLocker DL4 SSD. As you store your data, the automated security protocols work to protect your data.

Don't lose important data

The DL4 SSD works with remote management. The SafeConsole allows administrators to remotely lock devices, erase data or disable the device. Data can thus vanish into thin air in seconds, leaving criminals empty-handed. The device even offers the possibility of being detonated remotely. This seems very advanced, which is exactly why these devices are also used by the military.

User-friendly interface and touch screen

The user-friendly interface of the Datalocker DL4 SSD provides quick and easy access to secure data and also allows the user to set up and configure the device to their liking. Clear instructions are displayed on the screen, making installation easy. Users also have the option of setting their own keyboard layout with numbers, letters and special characters, making it impossible to guess a password. By setting the keyboard 'random', repeatedly entered patterns are totally unrecognizable to criminals.

Manage all Datalocker DL4 SSD FE drives remotely with SafeConsole

With SafeConsole, administrators can remotely lock or wipe disks. In addition, they can reset passwords, view last used locations, see what data has been added, deleted or changed on the disk. Device or group specific policies can be set in detail. This gives your organization control over your DL4 SSD devices, no matter where they are located.

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