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Digittrade HS256 S3 High Security 500 GB SSD

Article number DG-HS256S3-500S
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EAN-number 4260111199567

Digittrade High Security SSD HS256S3 | Within 2-3 days at home

The Digittrade High Security SSD HS256S3 is an external hard drive with hardware encryption. Ensures the safe transport of sensitive data.

Secure storage, backup and transport of data with the Digittrade HS256S3

The Digittrade HS256S3 is an external hard drive with hardware encryption. This external SSD is tailored to the needs of businesses and governments and is particularly suitable for secure data transport and backup. The HS256S3 ensures data confidentiality through encryption, access control and cryptographic key management.

Full encryption of sensitive data

With the Digittrade High Security SSD (HS256S3), your data is well protected against theft and data leakage anytime and anywhere. This drive is ideal for storing personal data and other confidential data. More specifically, this SSD offers offers high reading and writing speed, 256-bit AES full-disk hardware encryption in XTS mode with two 256-bit crypto keys.

Access control through Two-Factor Authentication

Access control and identification is guaranteed by two-factor authentication with a smartcard and an 8-digit PIN code. This system works on the basis of the "have and know" principle. You must be in possession of the card and know the code, otherwise it is simply impossible to access the stored data.

Managing cryptographic keys

The cryptographic keys can be created, modified, copied and destroyed by the user on the smartcard.

The Digittrade High Security SSD is suitable for all operating systems

All security features of the Digittrade HS256S3 are fully implemented in the device. Therefore, this hard drive works with all known operating systems and multimedia devices. In addition, the SSD is also bootable and can be used for simultaneous storage of operating systems and data.

What does the enhanced security with the Smartcard Manager offer?

  • centralized registration of all Digittrade hard disks, smartcards and crypto keys of the company
  • classification of all employees and departments
  • Add new hard drives and smartcards to each employee or department
  • Creation, modification and deletion of cryptographic keys, as well as modification of the smartcard PIN
Common Criteria EAL 5
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