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Digittrade RS256 1 TB external HDD with RFID security

Article number DG-RS256-1TB
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Digittrade RS256 RFID HDD | With access control and full encryption

The Digittrade RS256 RFID offers optimal protection for sensitive data or making backups. Order now, within 2-3 days at home | Hart4Technology

The Digittrade RS256 RFID HDD provides full speed and protection of your data

When your data needs a very good protection because of confidentiality and sensitive data, then you should work with a secure HDD hard drive. The Digittrade RS256 RFID hard drive protects your data through encryption and access control. Every byte stored is protected by a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in XTS mode, making it impossible for unauthorised parties to access your data. The Digittrade RS256 RFID Hard Drive is the first hard drive to use this feature.

What makes the Digittrade RS256 RFID HDD special is the fact that you can create, modify, copy or delete your own keys. Whether it's 10 users with their own partition, or 1 user with multiple products.

Handy data vault with encryption

The built-in SATA hard drive has a size of 2,5" and is therefore small and handy. The model is available is also available in a SSD version. 

Digittrade RS256 RFID HDD features highly secure access control

The access control is through user authentication with RFID access control to AES standard 256-bit. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. This technology makes it possible to transfer the encryption commands to the hard disk. To access the encrypted hard drive and thus all the data, you need one of the two RFID keys provided.

Features of the Digittrade RS256 RFID HDD

  • Encryption
  • Access control
  • Create, modify and delete own keys
  • Independent on operating systems
  • Easy to comply with GDPR data security guidelines
  • Possibility for Smartcard Management software
  • Beautiful metal casing and silicone protection against shocks

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