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Encrypted USB sticks from Digittrade

Digittrade develops encrypted USB sticks that comply with Federal and Government Certificates. Delivery with 2-3 days. The KOBRA Stick VS is an encrypted USB-C memory stick that enables NATO Restricted and EU Restricted storage for governments and businesses. Personal and confidential information is stored securely through these classification levels, making data theft impossible.

KOBRA Stick VS - Two-factor met Smartcard
BSI VS-NfDGermany
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KOBRA Stick VS - Two-factor met Smartcard

Digittrade, extra secure USB sticks for data storage

Digittrade develops and produces extra secure USB sticks since 2005. The Digittrade USB-sticks are very safe and have several certificates from governments and federal organisations. The sticks are suitable for banks and other financial institutions, governments and businesses, which can store and transport their data in a very safe way. Banks, businesses and government agencies also use the HS256 S3 hard drives in particular for the secure transport of sensitive data and for making backups. These must, of course, comply with all regulations for the storage of sensitive information such as personal data.

Safest solution on the market

Digittrade is known for its state of the art devices and can be considered as the most secure external storage solutions available on the market today. All solutions are developed and produced in Germany and fully meet the TeleTrusT criteria for "IT Security Made in Germany".

German origin

The production of high-security storage devices for EU Restricted, NATO Restricted and US-NfD classified data storage takes place in Germany. Here the products are also designed, extensively tested and then produced taking into account all GDPR regulations and guidelines. Digittrade develops its products with data safety in mind, in the easiest possible way. Moreover, the products look stylish and are produced from lightweight but very strong materials.

Common Criteria Certificate from the BSI

The HS256S and HS256 S3 high-security hard drives are mainly used by banks, businesses and government agencies to securely transport sensitive and personal information and make backups that comply with all applicable data protection laws. Think of the GDPR regulations or in Dutch, the AVG. The Digittrade HS256 S3 hard drive received in 2017 the Common Criteria certificate from the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). This indicates the high level of reliability of this drive.

Digittrade KOBRA series

In July 2020, Digittrade launched their KOBRA series. The KOBRA Drive VS (SSD/HDD) and as KOBRA Stick VS (USB) are both certified for secure storage for the classification levels EU Restricted, NATO Restricted and by the BSI (Germany) until US-NfD classified data.