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Faronics provides simple software that helps manage, simplify and secure multi-user computing environments. The solutions from Faronics ensure 100% availability the workstations of your employees and frees the IT department from tedious and time-consuming technical support and software problems.

Faronics solutions easily reduce IT costs within your company by 63%. This significantly reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Deep Freeze
Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze

Article numberDeep Freeze
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Deploy 2023
Deploy 2023

Deploy 2023

Article numberDeploy
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Article numberInsight
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Which customers are using Faronics?

From education, government and healthcare to retail, financial institutions and small to large enterprises. Faronics products support a diverse range of customers and their associated networks, including the following brands:

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Faronics solutions

Faronics has an extensive and patented range of products. All products are aimed at simplifying the management and security of multi-user computer systems and reducing costs.

Deep Freeze

Reduces IT costs by 63% and also maintains desired computing configurations through patented reboot to restore technology whether in the cloud, on-prem or offline.

Anti executable

Keeps PCs safe by stopping advanced threats such as zero-day and other malware attacks.

Power Save

Easily eliminates energy waste by computers up to 50% without affecting productivity. An essential component to reduce energy costs within your organization.


Effective classroom management software that helps teachers and educators create a better learning experience among students and learners by easily monitoring users' screens.


Allows IT departments to customize access to physical ports (USB and other ports), applications, websites and menu options. Either an indispensable component to prevent data loss.n.

Data Igloo

Is a free tool which allows users to seamlessly and efficiently preserve user data on machines protected by Deep Freeze. This tool allows you to protect files, folders, user profiles or even registry keys, by redirecting them all to a "defrosted partition," or a Thawed-partition.

Faronics Core

Helps the IT department with a large number of workstations to manage them from a central location via the so-called Core Console.

  • Deep Freeze MDM: Simple and flexible management tool to easily deploy and remotely manage IOS, Android and Chromebook devices. All this within 30 minutes!
  • Deploy: Efficiently manage all Windows and Mac workstations remotely. Simplify management and also save on costs. In addition, this console also takes care of all software updates and patches via a simple management console, whether during business hours or outside business hours.

"Thanks to Deep Freeze, we significantly increased the availability of our workstations while reducing the need for IT support.”

Oakland Public Library

"Deep Freeze has helped us achieve significantly longer up-time for our equipment and significantly reduce our overall technical support needs, saving both technician time and money. Power Save makes a significant contribution to reducing our electricity consumption and reducing our district's overall carbon emissions. Insight is also being used throughout our district as part of an effective instructional management and curriculum support strategy."

Burnaby Education

About Faronics

Faronics is a software developer founded in 1996 and has offices in the US, Canada and the UK. Faronics has been providing software to 30,000 unique customers with nearly 9 million licenses in over 150 countries for over 20 years. In addition, Faronics holds several patents on its Deep Freeze solution. Faronics Deep Freeze is a unique solution within the Reboot to Restore functionality. Deep Freeze holds the following patents.

  • Patent number: US7539828 B2
  • Patent number: US7917717 B2
  • Patent number: US9152824 B2
  • Patent number: US9785370 B2