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Deploy 2023

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Faronics Deploy 2023 – Next generation computer and application management

Faronics Deploy (2023) marks a revolutionary step forward in computer and application management for all your Windows and MacOS systems. Deploy is Faronics' latest administrator platform, designed to provide you with an extremely fast and user-friendly method to remotely perform OS installations and Windows updates, install software, remotely manage workstations and generate comprehensive reports with system information and alerts.

What features does Faronics Deploy offer?

The features of Faronics Deploy simplifies the tasks of an administrator with:

  • Web-based beheerders console with a simple but powerful interface to view and manage all your workstations.
  • Applicatie management a seamless and fast way to view installed applications, deploy or remove them directly and keep them up-to-date.
  • Windows Patch management view missing patches on computers, automatically approve/reject or schedule Windows Updates or force during or outside business hours.
  • Uitrollen van OS with modular file-based OS deployment. Capture and deploy a single golden image to different hardware. In addition, Faronics Deploy supports cloud-based management with Windows Deployment Services (WDS) installation over the LAN network.
  • Remote Control that lets you remotely take over workstations over the network or internet using RDP or VNC.
  • Inventory and monitor the use of your IT assets by creating real-time reports of hardware inventory.
  • Analyse of installation and usage data of applications.

What are the benefits of Faronics Deploy?

  • Rapid to get up and running quickly due to its robust architecture. Act immediately by performing on-demand actions such as installing applications, Windows patches or managing computers.
  • Stay safe by installing Faronics Anti-virus for additional protection against malware and security threats.
  • Manage any number of computers independently without affecting the bandwidth of your network via the decentralised cloud-based architecture.
  • Manage your computers in real time eand at a glance via a clear dashboard combined with advanced search and filter functions.
  • Control at each location and support your end-users anywhere in the world. Remotely login to computers, deploy software and update patches from a single web-based console. What's more, you don't need an extra server.
  • Multi-platform operation and perform application updates, inventory devices and on manage all Windows and macOS operating systems remotely over the internet with built-in RDP and VNC functionality.

Faronics Deploy easy and set up within minutes

Deploy lets you set up and deploy workstations with a single click. See all the computers in your network and be ready to perform support questions and actions and control workstations remotely, in short:

  • Detect technical problems instantly
  • Taking over workstations quickly and easily
  • This gives you powerful automation

What are the differences between Faronics Deploy for Windows macOS?

Faronics Deploy for macOS supports the ability to install and update pre-packaged apps on managed macOS machines. The Windows version supports a number of additional features, including the ability to install custom apps, run custom scripts, manage Windows updates, deploy OS and take over remote workstations. The so-called client Deploy agent software on the workstations communicate with the Faronics Deploy platform.

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Ordering Faronics Deploy from Hart 4 Technology

Are you curious about how you (as) an administrator can save a lot of time and IT costs and would like to request a demo or a quote, contact Hart 4 Technology.