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Viasat | Highly secure storage media | Hart4Technology

Viasat offers highly reliable data security. Order your Viasat External or Internal hard disk now at Hart4Technology.

Viasat connects everything and everyone, anywhere in the world

Viasat offers solutions that focus on secure data storage and satellite communication. They make it possible for users all over the world to communicate and work together through high-quality connections and good security. In doing so, they keep their solutions affordable and fast. In addition to enabling connections around the world, Viasat is a manufacturer of internal and external secure hard drives. Viasat manufactures and assembles its products in the UK. The manufacturer has developed far-reaching innovations in data security, which prevent cybercriminals from having a chance. Viasat products are used by governments and intelligence agencies around the world.

Viasat external hard drives

Viasat external drives are also among the most secure external hard drives on the market. They protect your data in the event of attacks from both cybercriminals and physical attacks. Are you looking for high quality external secure hard drives from Viasat? Feel free to contact us for more information on the deployment advice of these drives.

Strong security against cybercrime

At Viasat we are aware that cybercrime is a major threat. For individuals and for entire nations. With the push of a button, an attack can be set in motion and crucial data can end up on the street or fall into the wrong hands. Viasat specializes in solutions that provide security for special forces and military units, secret services, governments and other government agencies where extreme caution must be exercised with data.

Advantages of Viasat hard drives

  • Reliable data security
  • Both protected by manned and unmanned computers
  • Casing is resistant to physical attacks
  • No reduced performance

Protecting against cyber-attacks to the highest level

With the products from Viasat, you take your data security to the next level. Classified and sensitive data are optimally protected by self-encrypting hard drives. When risky operations are carried out, manned and unmanned computers protect your data with high-quality security. Even in the event of loss, theft or a physical attack, your data is well protected. Also, it is no longer possible to set weak passwords, but the Viasat systems ensure that you can work only with strong passwords.

No noticeable impact on the performance of your device

Viasat develops innovative technologies that allow you to create advanced authentication and easily manage full disk encryption. A tamper-proof enclosure further protects your data. Working with Viasat SSD drives has no noticeable impact on your computer performance.