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More storage space and security with a secure SSD

An SSD, also known as Solid State Drive, is the successor to the traditional internal hard drive. SSDs are available in different storage capacities. Do you want to expand the memory of your laptop and make it more secure? By building in an internal SSD with two-factor authentication (2FA), you kill 2 birds with one stone.

The advantages of an SSD as an internal hard drive

In comparison, an internal SSD works five times faster than an ordinary hard disk drive. In addition, an internal SSD uses less power and is more resistant to vibrations. Because the SSD is equipped with a flash memory, it is also silent and your programs starts up very quickly.

Better protection of your files

Do you prefer not to store your data in the cloud, but rather store large amounts of files securely? An SSD contains no running parts, so in case of damage, the risk of losing your data is considerably less. Thanks to a 2FA (Two-Factor-Authentication) protection of the internal SSD via a smartcard or USB token, no one can access your organisation's file.

Want to know more about how an internal hard drive works and which storage is the best solution for your company? We are happy to give you advice. Please, contact us for tailored advice.