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2.5“ HDD/SSD Enclosure - IODD2541

Article number IODD2541
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EAN-number 0893760002823

IODD2541 | 2.5" Enclosure for HDD or SSD | 1 day delivery

The IODD2541 is a Secure External Enclosure that hardware encrypts your data. Protects your sensitive data and personal information anywhere.

Note: the IODD2541 production went End of Life, due the lack of materials. The replacement unit is the IODD ST400.

HDD/SSD enclosure 2.5"

The IODD2541 is a 2.5" external enclosure for your SSD or HDD. The enclosure hardware encrypts your data (AES 256 XTS). Do you work with confidential documents, customer or patient data? Then choose for highly secure encryption by means of the IODD2541.

IODD2541 for storage and bootable device

The IODD2541 is not only very suitable for encrypting your files. The device can also be used as secure storage media and as a bootable Windows or Linux OS. In addition, the IODD2541 is suitable for installing virtual drives for ISO OS, for example.

Storing large amounts of data in a secure manner?

If your organization has a strong interest in securely storing business-sensitive information or personal data, the IODD2541 offers a solution. You can store large amounts of data on a hard drive that is externally secured with this enclosure. With secure external hard drives, your files are protected anytime and anywhere, not only directly from criminals, but also from viruses and malware.


The device is equipped with "Write Protection. An important feature that ensures that Malware has no chance. Malware could not only damage your IODD, but also infect other devices with which you connect the IODD. This Write Protection ensures that criminals have no chance.

LCD Screen and Keyboard

The IODD2541 is equipped with an LCD screen. The screen is easy to read from multiple angles. In addition, the device has a simple keyboard, which you can use to control and set anything needed to protect your data.

3767_2020062472739_drive_guide_iodd_virtual.pdf Manual