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IronKey Locker+ 50C - 32GB - USB-C stick

Article number IKLP50C/32GB
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EAN-number 0740617330267

IronKey Locker+ with password protection and USB-C connection

The IronKey VP50C (Vault Privacy 50) from Kingston is a premium secure USB flash drive for business use. The VP50C has a native USB-C connector. Data stored on this stick is encrypted and protected in a variety of ways. For example, the stick offers protection against BadUSB attacks and keyloggers.

Features of the IronKey VP50C

  • native USB-C connector
  • user-friendly menu structure
  • hardware-based encryption (AES 256 bits)
  • local admin and user login (ideal when users within the organization forget their password!)
  • High reading speed of 250MB
  • High writing speed of 180MB

Why the IronKey VP50C?

  • the Ironkey VP50C from Kingston is resistant to all malware attacks by using the Read-Only feature
  • this USB stick is resistant to BadUSB attacks
  • resistant to keylogging and screen logging attacks through the virtual keyboard feature
  • resistant to password attacks (brute force) + password rewind. After 10 attempts the crypto keys are reset and the files are permanently inaccessible

Administrators from the IT department

By setting a temporary password, you can deploy the Kingston IronKey Vault Privacy 50C USB drive and ensure that each user sets a password of their own choosing. In addition, you can also recover the user password locally with an Admin password. This ensures that users don't have to worry if they forget their password.

Kingston IronKey VP50C order from Hart 4 Technology

The IronKey VP50C from Kingston  is designed for the enterprise market, providing far-reaching data security. Would you like to know more about this product or get advice on the best product choice for your organization? Please feel free to contact us.

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