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IronKey VP80 - External SSD 1920GB

Article number IKVP80ES/1920G
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EAN-number 0740617328424

IronKey VP80

The IronKey VP80 (Vault Privacy 80) is the first secure external SSD drive from Kingston. This SSD offers a very high level of security and is therefore even by government organizations to use. The robust casing and convenient touchscreen make the Kingston VP 80 very pleasant to work with.

Features IronKey VP80 - External Secure SSD

  • The VP80 is secure and robust (patent 4040204)
  • Hardware-based encryption (AES 256 XTS) and certified for Common Criteria 5+ (CC5+). This makes this VP 80 SSD also suitable for use within government organizations
  • Two login possibilities: as Admin and User; never forget passwords again
  • User friendly, also suitable for private use

Features IronKey VP80 - external secure SSD

High level of security with AES 256

The IronKey VP80 features advanced hardware encryption AES256 XTS through password protection. The VP80 SSD provides protection against password attacks and also prevents BadUSB attacks. Moreover, the internal microprocessor gives maximum protection through EAL5+ certification.

Handy touchscreen

The unique touchscreen makes protecting your data even simpler with simple and user-friendly touchscreen (in color).

Multi-Password (Administrator/User) Option with PIN and Passphrase modes

The Multi-Password option makes it even easier for administrators and users to recover data by entering an Admin and User password.

Configurable password rules

With the ability to set your own password attempts and the length of the number of password characters from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 64.

Comprehensive security options

The IronKey VP80 allows you to set a time-out timer to automatically lock the SSD drive after a number of minutes. In addition, you can randomize the touchscreen layout and perform a so-called Secure-Erase to permanently erase all passwords and encryption key.

Dual Read-Only (Write-Protect) mode

The Dual Read-Only mode gives you maximum protection against malware attacks. This reduces the cyber threat and keeps hackers away.

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Common Criteria EAL 5
4700_20220530202808_ds_VP80.pdf Datasheet
4700_20220621185223_ug_IronKey Vault Privacy 80.pdf Manual
Common Criteria EAL 5
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