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Zero Trust security

The ultimate Zero Trust solution - secure your network and data against cyber attacks and hacks. Through the dashboard, you can quickly and very easily segment your users into groups and create policies that determine which of your connected resources are accessible to which specific groups.

Viasat DARC - highest certified SSD NVMe

Viasat SSD has been widely used by governments for many years due to their unique NATO SECRET certification for secure SSD storage. Recently, Viasat announced a new generation of hardware for high quality encrypted data storage: the Viasat DARC-SSD.

Cybersecurity is no longer an option, it's an absolute must for everyone

The fines for not having the security of personal data in order can be charged of an amount to 4% of your company's global turnover. Not to mention the financial damage that the organization will incur due to a significant dent in its image!

Data security prevents catastrophic consequences for your organization

Data security is an essential process to protect your digital data. It is super important today to prevent unauthorised access and data loss

The ultimate preparation against Ransomware

Completely preventing ransomware is unfortunately not yet possible. The impact can be large and cause serious damage to your organization.

The best method for physically blocking your network port in your laptop

On most laptops with a so-called tab down, you can connect Smart Keeper RJ45 blockouts in one specific way

What is SafeConsole Management software from DataLocker?

SafeConsole is a simple and intelligent platform from DataLocker where you can remotely manage USB storage devices (SafeConsole ready devices) and USB ports.