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Linkeo NFC - USB-A contactless Smart card reader

Article number LK020000U
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EAN-number 3760308520194

The Linkeo NFC reader, designed according to the ISO 14443 standard, represents the gold standard in the world of contactless smart cards and terminals. With its advanced 13.56MHz radio frequency, the device effortlessly bridges a range of 7-15 centimetres and meets stringent security requirements for contactless connections.

The versatility of the Linkeo NFC reader is particularly evident in several sectors:

Retail and ticketing: simplify the sales process and provide a lightning-fast service to your customers
Transport and access management: manage access points with efficiency and ensure a smooth flow of travellers
E-government and secure identification: strengthen the security of public services with verified identification processes
Healthcare and patient management: simplify patient registration and data management for an effective and caring experience
Banking and financial transactions: offer your customers a secure and user-friendly financial transaction experience, without any worries

Linkeo NFC reader is not just another technological device; it is your reliable companion in the modern world of security and convenience. Don't miss this opportunity to upgrade your daily routine with the unparalleled benefits of Linkeo NFC reader from NEOWAVE.

FIDO2 by NEOWAVE: The unbeatable security guarantee for your digital world

Stand firm in the digital arena with FIDO2 from NEOWAVE, the ultimate security solution that makes traditional contactless smart cards fade away. Enjoy a whole new dimension of security and peace of mind with FIDO2, with benefits beyond your imagination:

  1. Unrivalled protection: Trust FIDO2's unbeatable protection for all your digital transactions and data, without compromise
  2. Advanced Reliability: Experience a new standard of reliability that ensures a seamless and secure user experience, every time
  3. Ease of use: enjoy the convenience of simple and intuitive authentication, without hassles or delays
  4. Future-proof security: Be one step ahead of future threats with NEOWAVE's FIDO2, which is constantly updated to best protect your digital world.
Smart cards
UZI pass
ISO 14443 Type A and B smart cards
NFC (4 types)
Windows 10/11, Mac, Linux and Android
ISO / IEC 18092 | T=CL (13.56 Mhz | PC/SC | Microsoft WHQL | Rohs | Two-color LED | Consumption: 200mA (max)
Operating temperature range: 0°c to 50°C | Relative humidity level: 10% to 80%
98 mm x 65 mm x 12.8 mm | 81 gram | cable 1 metre