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Het van oorsprong Franse bedrijf NEOWAVE staat bekend om

Originally from France, NEOWAVE is known for its innovative nature in the field of online authentication and secure online transactions. All of the company's arrows are focused on protecting and securing sensitive data of companies and governments. NEOWAVE achieves this through new and very powerful authentication technologies. Highly secure USB tokens and smart cards are used. NEOWAVE has adopted the FIDO standard and has therefore developed corresponding solutions. FIDO stands for "Fast Identity Online. NEOWAVE products are based on the Universal Second Factor (U2F) protocols.

NEOWAVE heeft de FIDO-standaard geadopteerd en heeft daarom bijbehorende oplossingen ontwikkeld. FIDO staat voor 'Fast Identity Online'. De NEOWAVE producten zijn gebaseerd op de Universal Second Factor (U2F) protocollen.

Winkeo-C FIDO2
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Winkeo-C FIDO2

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Winkeo-C FIDO2

What is the FIDO U2F protocol??

FIDO U2F protocol supports two factor authentication. It allows online services to enhance the security of their existing password infrastructure by adding a strong second factor to user login. Moreover, the use of this protocol also provides a piece of cybersecurity awareness within the organization.

Thanks to the integration of the W3C Web Authentication with Client-to-Authenticator, Protocols (CTAP), the FIDO protocol enables not only encrypted and anonymous connections, but also connections without passwords.

In short: the FIDO U2F protocol supports passwordless, two-factor and multifactor user experiences with authentications via FIDO Security tokens/smart cards, mobile devices, wearables, and the like.

NEOWAVE FIDO U2F is suitable for:

  • Enterprises that have moved to the Google Cloud Platform, Salesforce, etc.
  • Enterprises wishing to use NEOWAVE smart cards for physical access (doors) and logical access (computer/web applications). This requires a factory customisation of the Badgeo smart cards.
  • Enterprises that use online services with high security requirements, for example, for dematerialization and trust services
  • Digital signature
  • Registered letters
  • Online permission
  • Cloud / Content Manager (Hosting / CMS)
  • Financial services (banks, cryptocurrencies)
  • Users: with FIDO-compliant web service providers

Use case: Passwordless authentication with a Winkeo FIDO2 (+U2F) key:

In order to link the Winkeo FIDO2 (+U2F) key with online services and applications, we would like to invite you to contact us or instruct your system/network administrator on what procedures need to be performed for this purpose to implement FIDO2 technology within your organization.

If you want to register the Winkeo FIDO2 (+U2F) token/smart card and then select it at the login interface for passwordless authentication within your Windows 10 platform, you will find the guide for logging in within the Azure AD domain behind this link.


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