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DataLocker veilige opslagmedia

Viasat Eclypt: hard drives with classificatiion until NATO SECRET

Do you want to keep your sensitive data safe and prevent data leaks? Then the Viasat Eclypt Core for laptops and the Viasat Eclypt Freedom for external hard drives are the answer. The Viasat products are accreditated until NATO SECRET. All Viasat products work with two-factor authentication using an USB token.

A benefit: you can manage your own secret keys with the Eclypt Management Software.

M.2 NVMe model available soon.


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Why Zero Trust Network Access should be a complement to your VPN and Firewall

Firewalls and traditional VPNs today do not provide sufficient protection against zero-day attacks and other forms of cybercrime. Read our new blog and find out all about Zero Trust Network Access.

Whereas a few years ago the combination 'VPN and Firewall' seemed like a golden combination, today you're pretty much behind the times if you stick with this duo. Zero-day attacks are becoming more common and cause damage with major consequences.

Why does a firewall with VPN no longer provide sufficient protection?

In a nutshell:

  • A standard firewall does not prevent ports from being scanned, for example those of your Exchange server
  • Also, it does not adequately block IP addresses, allowing the attack surface to move easily
  • Most VPN's do not yet support multi-factor authentication (MFA), which means easy access to applications and accounts
  • Through traditional VPN connections, you connect first and only then do you have to authenticate. This means that lateral movement attacks within your network are possible, after all, a hacker is already inside and can then move laterally through your network.

The hacks of the IT Management software of SolarWinds and Kaseya have shown that compromising such software can affect users' customers. For good reason, Thales Global and Thales Netherlands (SafeNet Trusted Access - IAM Identity Access Management solution of tokens) have started a joint collaboration with Safe-T for a Zero Trust Network Access total solution.

Modernize your access control to take security for both internal and external users to the highest level and ensure that users are authenticated before they are granted access to the network.

Solution: Zero Trust Network Access

One solution to prevent vulnerabilities and zero-day attacks is by setting up a Zero Trust Network. Replace your current legacy VPN solutions with SafeNet (STA), along with ZoneZero SDP (Software Defined Perimeter), or upgrade your existing or legacy VPN to a ZoneZero VPN. This is how you modernize access control to take security for both internal and external users to the highest level and ensure that users are authenticated before they are granted access to the network.

Watch here the webinar on October 6th, 2021  Plan another online session

VPN does not support MFA after connection is established.

Safe-T: arm yourself against cyber attacks with Zero Trust Network Access

Safe-T's Zero Trust Network Access solution keeps complex networks secure. Safe-T's ZTNA is user-friendly, completely clientless and users don't experience any hassle during implementation. There are also no complicated operations to perform that makes ZTNA easy to deploy. ZTNA by Safe-T is available as a cloud, hybrid and on-prem solution.

A special feature of this solution is the patented Reverse Access Technology. This ensures, among other things, that your network remains invisible from both outside and inside. This reduces the attack surface because hackers cannot perform port scans, which prevents lateral movement attacks.

ZoneZero by Safe-T: The world's only clientless Zero Trust solution with Reverse Access technology and full on-premises support.

Smart Keeper: block ports software-wise and physically

In addition to software port blocking, it is important to implement physical blocking. Consider, for example, workstations, printers, cloud servers, etc. There are numerous scenarios’s where one has no control over the physical ports of the unmanaged endpoints and where this physical port protection is simply forgotten.

Smart Keeper Pro and Essentials provide a practical solution that prevents ports from being bypassed. The solution works with unique keys and blockouts based on unique serial numbers.

Prevent intrusions with Smart Keeper's physical security products, by adding a physical shell to your security system.

ESET antivirus

ESET: multilayer technology and state of the art endpoint software

ESET software is known for its efficient operation, in part because the antivirus software also shields the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI). This means that hard-to-detect viruses in the boot sector are not overlooked. This significantly increases the effectiveness of the software, which directly differentiates ESET from its competitors.

ESET goes beyond other endpoint applications, whether installed in the cloud, on-prem or even on offline endpoints.

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Digittrade: Kobra VS stick and Kobra VS drive are two-factor security storage devices

The KOBRA Stick VS is an encrypted USB-C memory stick that enables NATO Restricted and EU Restricted storage for governments and businesses. Personal and confidential information is stored securely through these classification levels, making data theft impossible.
The KOBRA Drive VS is an external encrypted hard drive. You easily store all your data according to GDPR guidelines. Moreover, the drive is suitable for transporting and storing sensitive data with classification level NATO Restricted and EU Restricted.

In addition to NATO and EU, Kobra US products are also officially approved by the BSI in Germany.

DataLocker veilige opslagmedia

Datalocker: simply secure

The DataLocker K350 and DL4 drives are PIN-protected devices with an OLED display (no manual required). The drive features FIPS 140-2 Level 3, Criteria EAL 5+ certified secure microprocessor and can be optionally secured by SafeConsole management via the cloud or on-premise.

A range of automated security policies protect your data, wherever you are. SafeConsole allows administrators to control or terminate devices entirely over the Internet.

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