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Physical port security with Smart Keeper

Smart Keeper offers a range of solutions for locking and blocking physical ports. Keep intruders out! In addition to software port blocking, it is important to implement physical port blocking. Think about workstations, printers, cloud servers, etc. There are plenty of scenarios where one has no control over the physical ports of the unmanaged endpoints, and where this physical port security is simply forgotten.

Smart Keeper Essential
smart keeper essential

Smart Keeper Essential

Smart Keeper Professional
smart keeper professional

Smart Keeper Professional

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Smart Keeper, for locking and blocking physical pc ports

The South Korean manufacturer Smart Keeper produces physical security solutions. In the fight against cybercrime, they manage time and again to develop products that make it impossible for hackers to use your ports. They have solutions for USB, network, optical fiber, serial ports and other endpoints. The so-called USB port blocker or endpoint blocker is a physical solution to the unprecedented malware problem we face today. SmartKeeper offers with this broad product range a concrete solution that serves as an addition to your current security system.

How does Smart Keeper network security work

Existing security protocol needs a physical addition to keep cybercriminals out. Computer systems are the heart of our businesses, healthcare, education and government agencies. We must prevent data breaches and theft. Many peripherals connect to computers (for example, your headset or your bluetooth mouse). In addition, every computer has at least one USB port.

Every device that can be connected to a USB port is a potential threat. That is, any device that is connected via USB can install malware, infecting other devices at lightning speed.

Smart Keeper offers

  • Solution for malware problems
  • An accessible solution
  • A highly effective way to protect the devices on your network
  • Both an Essential version and a Professional version
  • Professional Edition is a customized solution that will be tailored to your IT infrastructure

Physical security products from Smart Keeper

Prevent intrusions with Smart Keeper's physical security products, by adding a physical shell to your security system. A single master key controls multiple ‘blockouts’ that block different ports.

User-friendly way to protect your network

Smart Keeper has developed solutions that allow users to protect their desktop or laptop in a user-friendly way. They offer enhanced security through unique key patterns and lock systems with serial numbers that are traceable.