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RENEWAL SafeConsole On-Prem Starter Pack 3 year

Article number START-SCOP-3R
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EAN-number 0850005815617

Ultimate security, always at your fingertips: with DataLocker SafeConsole Cloud Starter Pack, you manage all your protected files, wherever you are. Thanks to the central management platform, you can easily inventory, monitor, manage and even remotely disable your encrypted storage media from anywhere. Ideal for organizations where security is a top priority.

Easily set up a security platform that allows you to implement policies. DataLocker SafeConsole works with advanced endpoint encryption. Choose for an on-site installation of SafeConsole or via cloud-hosted services: the platform connects all storage media in multiple locations. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the possibilities for your organization.

Starter Packs
Includes 20 licenses
Remote management
Starter Packs
Includes 20 licenses