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What is SafeConsole Management software from DataLocker?

SafeConsole is a simple and intelligent platform from DataLocker where you can remotely manage USB storage devices (SafeConsole ready devices) and USB ports.

With SafeConsole, deploying secure storage media, virtual drives, USB ports and tracking audits is even easier. Anywhere in the world.

SafeConsole management dashboard to manage USB devices, USB ports and Virtual drives

What platforms are compatible with SafeConsole?

SafeConsole runs on a Windows Server based system. In addition, you can manage this platform in the cloud (via DataLocker hosted services) as on-premises with Active Directory (AD) support. In addition, you can also manage your own SafeConsole cloud server through Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS). This requires that the SafeConsole server and AD are reachable in the same IP subnet or virtual machines.

Which SafeConsole features are supported by which OS?

The rule of thumb about SafeConsole functions is that Linux cannot communicate with SafeConsole. The SafeConsole connected storage media functions in Linux only in Standalone Mode. This means that receiving new device and user policies, sending audit logs, and receiving remote commands (such as disabling/resetting a device) will not work. Windows en MacOS zijn echter wel in staat alle functionaliteiten te ondersteunen. De onderstaande DataLocker opslagmedia bepalen ook de SafeConsole functionaliteiten per OS, namelijk:

  • DataLocker Sentry One, H300 Enterprise, H350 Enterprise - Windows en macOS 
  • DataLocker Sentry K350, DL4FE - Windows (all other operating systems only function in Standalone Mode)

How can you read audit logs from SafeConsole?

You can request the audit logs from SafeConsole via the administrator console or via REST API to then forward the audit logs to a log server such as SIEM. These logs are logged both online and offline (via a temporary standalone backup on the device) to SafeConsole or an external log server. This functionality only applies to Windows and macOS endpoints.

Are DataLocker devices compatible with Citrix?

De DataLocker DL4FE en DataLocker Sentry K350 are compatible with Citrix in standalone mode. For Citrix environments where no executables should be run the K350 is unmanaged (without SafeConsole). Alternatively, the K350 can be used in a managed mode (with a so-called standalone mode offline counter). The user can request a standalone counter from the administrator on a Windows machine. The SafeConsole administrator can also preset this for a user or a group. The only drawback of standalone mode is that all SafeConsole services will no longer function. So a counter of 1 or 2 would be an alternative. Click here for a list on the DataLocker website of which DataLocker models are Citrix compatible.