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Zivver specializes in secure communication according the current laws and regulations

At Hart 4 Technology you will find Zivver solutions to facilitate secure communication for your organization. With Zivver, you can keep confidential conversations and correspondence secure at all times. For example, communication within organizations, correspondence with patients, file transfer to third parties, but also video calls and e-mails can easily be secured with Zivver. A major advantage of Zivver is the user-friendliness of the system. This is unprecedented and makes it a pleasure to actually use: a must for preventing cybercrime.

Zivver Mail - Starter
E-mail encryption
Withdraw messages
Web app (Browser)
GDPR and NTA 7516 compliant
OS independent
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Zivver Mail - Starter
Zivver Mail - Professional
Zivver Mail Professional
Microsoft Outlook Desktop plug-in (not available for Mac).
Message expiration date
Sharing files (5TB) from mail client
Shared mailboxes
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Zivver Mail - Professional
Zivver Mail - Ultimate
Zivver Mail Ultimate
Conversation starter
Manage authentication recipients
Single Sign-On
Active Directory synchronisation
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Zivver Mail - Ultimate

Protect your organization against data breaches

Employees often pose the greatest risk to an organization. They often do not know how to handle data and files in a secure manner. These mistakes can lead to data leaks or a hack in which, for example, malware is installed. A mistake is easily made: someone accidentally sends an email to the wrong email address, or an email is sent with numerous addresses in the CC field, instead of the BCC field. You don't have to be a hacker to get hold of this data. With Zivver you prevent these kinds of mistakes and help your employees to safely handle sensitive information such as patient data.

What does Zivver do?

Zivver provides real-time alerts to prevent data breaches. The system literally alerts you before you press the button. In addition, Zivver encrypts messages, after which they can only be opened with 2FA (Two Factor Authentication). Zivver is also used to protect digital meetings from uninvited guests. In this way, a private conversation really remains private.

Zivver solutions make it easy to comply with laws and regulations

Laws and regulations surrounding privacy are very demanding and a mandatory item on every IT agenda. In most cases, the basics are in place, but what if everyone suddenly starts working from home? Will it all still be safe? With Zivver you will always comply with the strict laws and regulations surrounding privacy, including the GDPR, NTA 7516 and the Wvggz.

Zivver offers very thorough encryption and ironclad user authentication. The products are designed to prevent human error and the system provides extensive logs and insights to allow for additional control. The products are also constantly updated to reflect changes in data protection regulations and laws. So you can rest assured that your data remains safe.

Integrating Zivver with existing applications

When you use Zivver you don't have to switch to another mail program. You can easily integrate the system with existing applications, such as Outlook and Gmail.

Why more and more companies are choosing Zivver

Zivver is becoming increasingly popular. Already more than 4,500 organizations in Europe are working with Zivver and therefore have a good picture of their cyber landscape and the risk of hacks and other forms of cybercrime. These companies realize that securing information within their company, but also securing the data of their customers is crucial. By doing so, they not only score on security, but also gain the trust of their customers.