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Smart Keeper

Smart Keeper is a South-Korea manufacturer offering physical security solutions. Smart Keeper has several options for physically locking and blocking all physical ports. For example USB, network, optical fiber, serial ports and other endpoints.





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This system is the physical addition to all existing software security products. It is a new building block in the security wall against intruders. This in a place where previously there was no or very weak protection. This has now been changed with Smart Keeper. This gives the ideal hardware complement to all high-tech software security solutions.

Smart Keeper therefore makes an important contribution to the prevention of industrial espionage, sabotage, data leaks and malicious software. In view of the regulations of the GDPR and ISO27001 and the advice of the German BSI, Smart Keeper also offers the right basic protection. That is why these products are predestined for securing data and systems within your organization.

Advantages of Smart Keeper

  • A fully independent security solution with no compatibility issues with existing systems
  • No software installation, no electronics and you don't need a complex installation tool. Smart Keeper is a purely mechanical security solution that reduces maintenance and control costs
  • It is a very flexible, efficient and uncomplicated security system, which is easy and quick to install and operate
  • With just one individually coded universal key all locks can be operated and managed
  • The signal color red has a visual deterrent effect
  • Ensures compliance with IT guidelines and official regulations (GDPR and ISO27001)
  • Different product lines for different applications
  • An Effective Endpoint Management System
  • Highly suitable for SMEs, public institutions and organizations with business-sensitive data