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Smart Keeper Essential Network Module Lock 4P

Article number CSK-NM10/P4
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EAN-number 8809534691362

The Network Module Lock is a physical tool for connecting multiple LAN cables to the network ports at once.


  • A port module of network equipment
  • For 4-port: 1 x 4 / 8-port: 2 x 4 / 12-port: 2 x 6


  • Applied as a module unit (network port group of switch) without removing the network cables
  • Lock and unlock Network Module Lock of the network module using the USB port lock, which is managed with the same pattern as the locking key

Effects and benefits

  • Controlling network security without introducing a separate network management system
  • Currently there are 3 types available (4 port / 8 port / 12 port)
4555_2021041101014_ug_Network_Module_Lock 4P,8P,12P_User Guide.pdf Manual