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SafeConsole is a simple and intelligent software platform from DataLocker that allows you to remotely manage USB storage devices (SafeConsole ready devices) and USB ports. Track the deployment of secure storage devices, virtual drives, USB ports and audits anywhere in the world.

DL3 Configurator - Provisioning tool
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DL3 Configurator - Provisioning tool

Which platforms are compatible with SafeConsole?

SafeConsole runs on a Windows Server based system. Additionally, you can manage SafeConsole in the cloud (via DataLocker hosted services) as well as on-premise with Active Directory support. Additionally, you can also manage your own SafeConsole cloud server through Microsoft Azure or through Amazon's AWS.

How to read the SafeConsole audit logs?

The audit logs from SafeConsole can be requested via the administrator console or via REST API to then send the audit logs to a logging server such as SIEM.

What is PortBlocker from DataLocker and how does it work?

PortBlocker from DataLocker works via the SafeConsole management platform. You whitelist USB storage media. You install a PortBlocker agent software, available for Windows and MacOS systems. You need at least a SafeConsole Start Pack. The licenses are for 1 to 3 years per system.

DataLocker SafeCrypt and how does it work?

SafeCrypt can easily be used in combination with the SafeConsole platform and is also useful when USB storage media may not be used within the organization. SafeCrypt ensures that individual users can store their data securely and that there is flexibility in the choice to store it in the cloud, locally or within the network. SafeCrypt is a simple to use combination of the SafeConsole platform and the SafeConsole platform.