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ZoneZero- secure application and file access

ZoneZero is a software security company based in Israel, UK and the US. ZoneZero aims to protect your organization against attacks and data leaks by securing all digital accesses. Enabling secure application and file access is therefore the passion and goal of ZoneZero. This company consists of managers of B2B security companies, government agencies and military elite units. They understand and appreciate the complex challenges of protecting data in the digital transformation.

ZoneZero MFA - Multi-Factor-Authentication
Eliminate identity takeover fraud
Fully software independent
Easy and fast implementation
Provides micro network segmentation
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ZoneZero MFA - Multi-Factor-Authentication
ZoneZero SDP - Software Defined Perimeter
Replace legacy VPN
Modernizing access and improving security
Reduce network attack surface drastically
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ZoneZero SDP - Software Defined Perimeter
ZoneZero VPN, achieve ZTNA with your Existing VPN
Eliminates vulnerabilities of VPN connections
No change in behavior continue to use your VPN client
Integrating Zero Trust network access on current VPN connections
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ZoneZero VPN, achieve ZTNA with your Existing VPN
ZoneZero SFA - Secure File Access
Prevent ransomware
Weak SMB protocol is converted to HTTPS
MFA is added for file share access
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ZoneZero SFA - Secure File Access

Digital transformation

The world is more digital and connected; as a result, organisations are opening up their networks and internal applications much more than before. As a result of this digital transformation by (home-based) employees, business partners and external suppliers, more applications are needed. But this also applies to the use of mobile and IOT devices.

While these advanced connections offer organisations incredible opportunities, they come at a high cost. Research shows that six in 10 organisations around the world have suffered at least one cyber-attack. Cybersecurity is a necessity!

In this technologically advanced world, this should not be the case. Yet it is often necessary to expose business services to the world to communicate with other parties. The fact is that organisations still use old ways such as:

  • Infrastructures with perimeter networks. A perimeter network is also called a demilitarised zone (DMZ)
  • Accessing applications with IPSEC, SSL VPNs or open firewalls
  • Users log in with simple single factor and/or mulitfactor authentication (MFA)

These old methods do not take into account with modern connectivity challenges!

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ZoneZero provides optimal protection against cyberattacks

ZoneZero focuses mainly on access security and blocking lateral movement attacks. With this, the products from TerraZone ensure that hackers remain outside the door. Are they inside? Then ZoneZero prevents them from moving sideways through the network (lateral movement). Think of an attacker who endangers or takes control of a component within a network. As a result, he can use the device he is using to move to other parts within the same network. Of course, you want to prevent this at all times in order to prevent your network and Protect critical digital assets from theft and data breaches. The solutions are easy and seamless to integrate with all corporate networks and applications.

Modern access requirements, don't give hackers a chance

  • The authentication of users before granting access based on identity
  • Access control for all users. Think of internal network, VPN and not VPN users
  • Add MFA to support applications
  • Hide network and application services from unauthorized users
  • Reduce the attack area by closing the incoming firewall ports
  • Prevention against lateral movement attacks
  • Monitor the access flow to applications
  • Ensure that the organisation meets the safety requirements with certainty before granting access

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