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ZoneZero SDA (Secure Data Access)

ZoneZero Secure Data Access (SDA) makes it possible to carry out a logical layout at network level. This allows you to connect cloud elements via the base of the current network. In addition, it is no longer necessary to open ports within the perimeter firewall (WAN to LAN) or an internal firewall (LAN to LAN) located between two network segments. This while the secure access via the internal firewall on an outgoing firewall line (LAN to WAN) is simply allowed.

How ZoneZero SDA works (Access Controller)

With the patented reverse access technology from TerraZone, the SDA Access Controller ensures that every incoming request to an outgoing connection (LAN to WAN) is easily set up. This component automatically takes care of the policies and data flows. This design significantly reduces the attack surface area. All incoming ports are actually closed. In addition, you retain control over the entire access lifecycle of an application, including file monitoring and permission controls. Achieve this without setting up a single firewall rule.