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Smart Keeper Essential USB-A Port Lock Dark Blue + Lock Key Basic Dark Blue

Article number UL03PKDB
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EAN-number 8809534690730

With the Smart Keeper USB-A Port Lock + Key (Port Blocker) secure your computers, terminals and machines against uninvited guests. You block the open USB-A ports namely on physical way. This prevents unauthorized access and appropriation of data. You also prevent malicious software installations such as malware or other viruses..

You place the Port Lock directly into the USB port to prevent it from being used. In addition, a corresponding Lock Key Basic (same color combination) is included in this package.

Features of the Smart Keeper USB-A Port Lock + Key

  • Bundle: 6 x USB-A locks + 1 x Lock Key Basic
  • Available in 7 color-coded patterns
  • Easy to use and the Smart Keeper USB-A Port Lock can be installed manually
  • This solution is a one-time purchase and does not require any maintenanceoud
  • Effective: this USB port lock is also a visual deterrent
  • User manual (click Downloads tab)

Why block USB-A ports?

By blocking USB-A ports, you deny access to unauthorized persons. Access to computers, terminals, machines and other devices that support USB mass storage devices is completely denied. Besides physically blocking access, you also keep unsafe USB sticks out and prevent malware viruses and data loss within the organization.

Essential part of the security of your corporate network

The security of all USB ports is nowadays an essential part of the security policy of any organization. Other USB ports that can also be physically blocked are:

A common key can be used to unlock 13 different products in the Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Essential series.

  • USB-A Port Lock
  • USB Cable Lock
  • Keyboard/Mouse Lock
  • Lockable Flash Drive
  • Smart Data Blocker
  • RJ45 Port Lock
  • LAN Cable Lock
  • Network Module Lock (4P | 8P | 12P)
  • Serial Port Lock
  • DVI Port Lock
  • Parallel Port Lock

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4516_2021021915456_USB-A Port Lock_User Guide.pdf Manual
4516_2021041304116_2_10. USB Port Lock 6_Specification_web_EN.pdf Specifications
Port type
USB port (A, B, C)
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USB-A Port Lock + Key
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