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USB-C Port Lock

Article number CSK-CUL10
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The USB-C Port Lock is a physical security device for blocking the USB-C port. By doing so, you avoid unauthorized use. You also prevent malicious software installations and unauthorized use.

Therefore, place the USB-C port locker directly into the USB-C port to prevent the use (or misuse) of the port. In addition, no software or power is required.


  • It applies to systems with an USB port type C


  • A physical lock that effectively blocks the USB port type C
  • Numerous key patterns. Unlock these using the corresponding Lock Key

Effect and benefits

  • Effectively secured USB Type C ports
  • Can be used to secure Laptops with USB Type C ports only with optional USB Type C laptop lock
  • Easy installation and use
  • No maintenance and upgrades required
Low investment
Easy to install and easy to use
No maintenance and upgrades required
Custom with own key pattern