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Viasat DARC 600 256GB - M.2 NVMe SSD

Article number DCT-IL6-025655NA
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  • Delivery time ~6-8 weeks because of authorisation NCSC UK
  • Free advice and support for Key Material authorisation
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Viasat DARC 600 SSD

The Viasat DARC 600 protects sensitive data to the highest level. The Viasat DARC 600 is thus ideally suited for military and security forces where maximum reliability must be guaranteed. For SMEs and enterprices, there is the commercial variant: the Viasat DARC 100.

Why the Viasat 600?

Every year, millions of computers get lost or stolen. Protecting valuable data is more important than ever. The Viasat 600 includes evaluated, encrypted solid state drives (SSDs) and hard disk drives (HDDs), using hardware encryption for the highest level of security for systems within the public and private sectors.

Product specifications Viasat DARC 600

  • High-quality key management
  • Protection against brute force attacks. On failed login attempts, the system locks down. It can then only be unlocked by a crypto officer
  • Performance speed of up to 6GB. Your desktop or laptop continues to perform optimally while running the Viasat DARC 600
  • An entirely separate national key management is essential and certainly possible and options for crypto custodian, which has the task of both managing and distributing the secret keys within the process
  • User-friendly: easy installation and use
  • Supports imaging, ghosting, partitioning and diagnostic applications
  • User accounts are configurable with up to 128 different accounts
  • DARC-ssd 600 cannot be cloned once encryption is setd
  • DARC-ssd 600 with mandatory two-factor authentication with a KeyStone USB token
  • Token is protected against cloning
  • Secret keys are managed by a crypto custodian
  • Transportation of crypto material is controlled between crypto custodian and Viasat factory
  • You can upgrade the secret keys of the 600 (subject to approval) to your own keys. This goes in consultation and bit per sector
  • Strict supply conditions for production and transport of the crypto material and secret keys
  • Comply with a regulation and legislation on state-sensitive data for governments and military institutions

Viasat DARC 600 certifications

The first Viasat DARC certifications will become available to the UK. This certification is expected in early 2025 so NATO also intends to certify the Viasat DARC. It is also possible to first use the keys from NCSC UK and then upgrade the systems to their own secret key. This is on a per-bit per sector basis. Contact us about these options.

Note: Sales authorisation, tokens and accessories are required and necessary to use these products.

The difference between the Viasat DARC 600 and the Viasat DARC 100

The difference between the Viasat DARC 600 and the lower 100 series lies mainly in authorisation. Key management is much more sophisticated with the DARC 600. During installation of the DARC 100, you create your own keys before the SSD drive is encrypted after which it can be used seamlessly on any computer system with an M.2 NVMe slot. With DARC 600, this is managed by a so-called Crypto Custodian or NDA.

Obtain cybersecurity advice? Hart 4 Technology

Our cybersecurity specialists are at your service. Contact us for more information about Viasat DARC products or for advice.

4752_2022110984408_ds_DARC-600.pdf Datasheet
7 gram
Security level
AES 256 CBC mode