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Viasat DARC - highest certified SSD NVMe

Viasat SSD has been widely used by governments for many years due to their unique NATO SECRET certification for secure SSD storage. Recently, Viasat announced a new generation of hardware for high quality encrypted data storage: the Viasat DARC-SSD.

Viasat DARC - securing data at the highest level of security

Stolen data via unsecured storage media in uncontrolled (critical) work environments. This happens regularly by whistleblowers posting sensitive data on the Internet (Wikileaks). Daily threats to secret and sensitive data. Data leaks can cause financial and personal data to be leaked or data from classified files and military operations fall into the wrong hands.  Many of the victims include government organizations and vital sectors, so the impact of these data leaks can literally cost lives.

Data on the Viasat SSD: NATO SECRET certification

Viasat SSD has been widely used by governments for many years due to their unique NATO SECRET certification for secure SSD storage. Recently, Viasat announced a new generation of hardware for high-performance encrypted data storage: the Viasat DARC-SSD (data-at-rest cryptography - solid state drive). This latest member of Viasat's family of hardware encryption provides secure data protection for government and defense agencies around the world. Viasat DaRC  meets the highest level of data protection..

Viasat DARC model M.2 NVMe from Hart 4 Technology

Hart 4 Technology announces the new Viasat DaRC (model: M.2 NVMe) in its lineup. These wafer-thin memory modules will also be available to a wider audience, such as SMB's. There are first two models of Viasat DARC SSD on the market:

  1. Viasat DARC 600 - SECRET (approved NCSC UK TOP SECRET in June 2023)
  2. NATO SECRET (pending Q1 2024)
  3. Viasat DARC 100 - UNCLASSIFIED (commercial version planned)

What is DARC?

Data-at-rest cryptography protects your data in case of loss, theft or cyber-attacks Your data will stay safe and protected. With technological advances and the increasing use of data worldwide, the threat to data security is also growing. Especially with governments and militaries using more and more devices, their classified data absolutely must not fall into the wrong hands.

The new technology of Viasat DARC

With Viasat DARC's new DARC-SSD technology, data is still protected and secure at the highest level. Even if a device is lost or stolen, so nothing can jeopardize a military operation. Viasat DARC-SSD also provides the highest level of data protection for intellectual property, personal and financial data, and is therefore very suitable for all types of (online) businesses..


The Viasat DARC-SSD is the latest addition to the successful Viasat Eclypt encryption solutions. It is the first encryption storage device of Viasat's data-at-rest solutions. The Viasat DARC-SSD uses a Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) interface, allowing it to be better integrated and more compatible with the latest commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) laptops, tablets and SFF-PCs (compact and smaller computers).

Military-level security

Governments, military institutions and defense in particular benefit from the Viasat DARC-SSD's advanced data-at-rest encryption technology, which protects valuable data on both manned and unmanned mobile platforms during high-risk operations.

In the event of theft, loss or an attack on your computer, the Viasat DARC-SSD ensures that your data is and remains safe and fully protected. The military-grade 256-bit AES hardware encryption and tamper-evident (coated with epoxy resin) design of the Viasat DARC-SSD provides the highest level of security with mandatory two-factor authentication when used for the highest level of security.

The Viasat DARC technology integrates advanced authentication, full disk encryption and data storage with a tamper-evident internal NVMe M.2 SSD, securing your data. This provides instant data protection without noticeable adverse effects on your computer's performance.

About Viasat - high quality secure storage media

Viasat is a global communications manufacturer based in the United Kingdom and the USA. Their vision is that anything and everything can be connected, anywhere in the world. Viasat offers solutions focused on secure data storage and satellite communications.

Viasat makes it possible for users all over the world to communicate and collaborate with each other via high-quality connections with good security. In doing so, they keep their solutions affordable and fast. In addition to enabling connections around the world, Viasat is also a manufacturer of internal and external secure hard drives. Viasat DARC-SSD is the latest and unique development in this field.

Viasat is a publicly traded and nominated organization and for many years the world leader in system development, secure data storage and satellite communications. Viasat has developed far-reaching innovations for the security of data, which makes it impossible for cybercriminals to gain access. The products from Viasat are used by governments and intelligence agencies around the world.