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Viasat Eclypt Core 600 1TB SSD - NATO RESTRICTED

Article number FER-IL3-100035SS SSD
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Security level
AES 256 CBC mode

Viasat Eclypt Core 300 | Order online now

The Viasat Eclypt Core 300 internal SSD is the choice when regular security does not sufficiently protect your data. Order online now.

Viasat Eclypt Core 300 internal SSD: for when you need to rely on your security

When security is the top priority, you want to make sure your data is safe. Data breaches or theft of your data can literally cost lives in some cases. Think of secret service operations or military missions. Protect your data with the Viasat Eclypt Core 300, the certified 'NATO RESTRICTED' internal hard drive from Viasat. This SSD protects crucial data you store in standard laptops and desktops.

The Eclypt technology includes advanced authentication, complete disk encryption and a tamper-proof casing. As a result, this SSD is well protected even in the event of a physical attack.

Your data is always safe without compromising your computer's performance

This Viasat SSD offers protection for your data, without the performance of your desktop or laptop suffering from this extra secure working environment. Despite the advanced encryption of data, your computer runs optimally.

Viasat Eclypt Core 300 is a NATO RESTRICTED certified internal SSD

The UK's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) provides the keys and (random) passwords. This ensures that you can't set weak passwords.

Eclypt 600 and 200

The difference between the Eclypt Core 300 and the other series of the Eclypt, the 600 and 200 lies mainly in authorization. Key management is much more sophisticated with the Eclypt 600.

Large-scale use by defense worldwide

These Viasat solutions are widely purchased and deployed by defense parties such as NATO. This is an important fact: security above all.

Requirements when using this Eclypt product from Viasat

An Un-Programmed Key Mat is required and included to use this product.

M.2 NVMe SSD model coming on the market in Q1 2022.

3934_20200712224444_ds_eclypt_core.pdf Datasheet
3934_20210622190805_ug_Viasat_ Core_HP_Zbook_Fur_ G7.pdf User manual - HP Zbook Fury G7
Security level
AES 256 CBC mode