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Viasat Eclypt Freedom 600 1TB SSD - NATO SECRET

Article number FET-IL6-100050UM SSD
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Extra secure external SSD: the Viasat Freedom 600

The Viasat Eclypt Freedom is an external encrypted SSD that can store, archive and back-up data. This SSD is very suitable for transporting sensitive data to different devices and different locations. This external SSD is certified and used by large organisations and government bodies where data security is a top priority.

Mainly used SSD by the military

The Viasat Freedom 600 is used worldwide by defence, government and law enforcement agencies. The combination of advanced authentication, full disk encryption and data storage in a tamper-proof casing means your data is protected to the maximum. What's more, your computer or laptop will continue to perform as normal, with no adverse effects from the SSD on the speed of your machine.

Random keys and passwords

Finally, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) of the UK provides the keys and random passwords. This ensures that you can not set weak passwords and make it impossible for others to log in.

Benefits of the Viasat Freedom 600?

  • Certified for: UK Top Secret & lower, Canada Top Secret & lower, NATO Secret & lower
  • Certified for data security at Data-at-Rest
  • Available in HDD and SSD
  • Remote authentication enables encryption of data in hard-to-access locations
  • Unique tamper-proof construction
  • Multiple user profiles through the 3-layer management system
  • Lifetime key
  • The secret keys are securely stored in tamper proof devices and protected with AES-256 hardware encryption
3939_20210202234351_ds_Eclypt_Freedom.pdf Datasheet