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Zero Trust security

The ultimate Zero Trust solution - secure your network and data against cyber attacks and hacks. Through the dashboard, you can quickly and very easily segment your users into groups and create policies that determine which of your connected resources are accessible to which specific groups.

Zero Trust security is becoming increasingly important. As an organisation, you face the challenge of properly securing your business-sensitive information such as customer data, product data and your personnel file against data theft. If you fail to do so, you could face unpleasant situations that could have far-reaching consequences for your organisation. Think bankruptcy and sky-high fines. Not to mention the personal damage those involved could suffer when their data is out in the open.

How does truePass security work?

With truePass, you have the best and unique solution based on Zero Trust. The patented Reverse Access Technology makes your network invisible both inside and outside your network. This protects you against DoS attacks, for example.

Whether you work in the cloud, hybrid or on prem, truePass makes it possible to secure your network on all sides, while maintaining control over the access of your infrastructure.

What exactly does truePass do?

Micro-segmentation of your network

Authorise users only the required network access between systems and between different network environments.

Hybrid infrastructure security

With the truePass Secret network you have the control to protect assets in both cloud and on-premise environments.

Compliance with regulations and legislation

Comply with European regulation and legislation GDPR with truePass Zero Network pen-test proven network security.

Access Orchestrator

truePass Zero Network enforces security policies that prohibit any user and device access to the network. These applied policies grant users access only to pre-approved resources inside and outside the network.

Cybersecurity always starts with access

At Zero Trust, we assume that nothing and anyone outside and inside your network can be trusted. Everyone, including people inside your network, must re-authorise themselves again and again. Cyber attacks are becoming more widespread and, unfortunately, more successful. The Zero Trust approach increases the security of your current systems, applications and files and reduces the attack surface. Zero Trust aims to apply so-called micro-segmentation by using multi-factor authentication on any desired source within the network.

With Zero Trust from truePass, you easily add additional policies and Multi-Factor-Authentication on any source inside and outside the network. Examples include:

  • TCP pors
  • All webbased and non-webbased applications
  • Access to systems/devices connected inside and outside the network

Within the truePass dashboard, you can quickly and very easily segment your users into groups and create policies that define which of your connected resources (hybrid, on-prem servers or apps, public cloud apps etc.) are accessible to which specific groups.

Hart 4 Technology: consultant and specialist in cybersecurity

Want to better secure your network and data? Ask us for advice. We can help your organisation drastically and easily reduce attack surfaces of certain cyber attacks. Think of cyber attacks such as:

  • Zero-Day exploits
  • DDoS
  • Ransomware
  • Lateral movement
  • Brute Force
  • Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

Why buy truePass at Hart 4 Technology?

TruePass is worlds easiest Zero Trust solution: The updated module makes Zero Trust even easier and more secure to install and manage. Moreover, we are happy to help you set up your Zero Trust network security within a few hours. One-time consultancy by Hart 4 Technology will provide your organisation with next-level network security. Give hackers no chance!

Avoid (financial) damage from hackers as well as sky-high fine

Besides the damage you can incur as an organisation as well as a principal due to cyber attacks, it is also laid down by law that you must protect a number of things from such attacks. For instance, the GDPR requires organisations to protect personal data, which calls for a modern approach with Zero Trust. Moreover, using Zero Trust is also the security advice of the Dutch NCSC and AIVD.

For whom Zero Trust TruePass may be of interest?

Zero Trust Hart 4 Technology offers truePass solution and this solution is becoming more widely used and in particular that more and more work is done at home. This solution is already used extensively by:

  • government and military organisations
  • secret services
  • healthcare sector
  • finance sector
  • production and development companies
  • accounting firms
  • law firms
  • small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Request a demo truePass

We would be happy to show you and experience all the ins and outs of truePass. Request your demo now!

Why you want to start using truePass today:

truePass connect: Connect to your infrastructure globally without the hassle of VPNs, implements reverse VPN tunnels to connect remote resources permanently and securely for easy access across different clouds.

truePass Authentication: Identity-based access for people, machines and services. Static credentials such as passwords or keys are insecure and inconvenient. Biometric authentication is more secure and easier to use.

truePass Authorize: Implement fine-grained access controls for every employee and service accessing your infrastructure.

truePass Audit: Achieve unprecedented insight into infrastructure access and behaviour to meet and exceed compliance targets.

Hart 4 Technology, your supplier of the best Zero Trust security products

Would you like more information, a demo or seek advice for your organisation? Then get in touch with us. Hart 4 Technology's cybersecurity specialists are ready to assist you.