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Zivver Mail Professional

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Zivver mail | Prevents data leaks due to errors | Easily integrated

With Zivver Mail, you get an alert before óór you press the button. Easily integrate Zivver Mail with Outlook or Gmail. Arrange secure emailing today.

With Zivver Mail, you'll never accidentally send an email or attachment to the wrong person again. Keep your mail traffic safe with Zivver's real-time Error Prevention Technology. A wrong recipient will not be able to read your email.
The Dutch company Zivver offers a highly encrypted email transfer, where emails can only be read by the right recipient. This way Zivver prevents your valuable and business sensitive information from accidentally falling into the wrong hands. A mistake is easily made! Zivver Mail proactively warns you when you are in danger of making a mistake. Moreover, the system encrypts the data so that it can only be read by the correct recipients.

Advantages of Zivver Mail:

  • Platform independent system, also to be used via the web browser
  • User friendly, which promotes the use of the system and makes it approachable
  • Zivver Mail automatically makes you compliant with applicable laws and regulations
  • Scans automatically for sensitive content, so Zivver automatically indicates that the mail should be encrypted
  • The token code (Time-based One-time Password) can be sent via mail to a mobile number or to the relevant mail address (the latter is less secure)
  • Prevents data leakage and theft of confidential data, and actively prevents employee error

How does Zivver Mail work

Your secure email communications will not be intercepted while using Zivver. This is because of the way Zivver has designed smart technology into its platform. Even after sending, your data will remain safe. Because you have the key, Zivver cannot access your data. Keep control after sending and, if necessary, you can quickly respond to errors. For example, by simply calling back access to email messages, you can prevent a (potential) data breach. Zivver gives you control over your data flow. With the detailed dashboard and logging you can easily view the risks, causes and impact of data breaches. When a data breach occurs, you can act quickly.

Order Zivver Mail

Zivver Mail - Starter

Provide e-mails with strong authentication. Sent a wrong email? Then you can easily withdraw it. With Zivver Mail you comply with laws and regulations of the AVG and NTA 7516. E-mailing can be done directly from your browser or mobile app. Zivver Mail is also easy to integrate with Outlook and Gmail.

Zivver Mail - Professional

With this package you also have an administrator dashboard, where you can manage important statistics, notifications and settings at a glance. It also allows you to securely share up to 5TB of files.

Zivver Mail – Ultimate

Zivver Ultimate is designed for advanced security and compliance requirements such as NTA 7516, for example. Moreover, you can easily set up Zivver Mail Ultimate. This package also includes a support contract (Service Level Agreement).

4579_20201026230322_ds_zivver_mailen_EN.pdf Datasheet (EN)
4579_20201026230322_ds_zivver_mailen_NL.pdf Datasheet (NL)
Data Loss Prevention
Standard set of business rules
E-mail encryption
Withdraw messages
Web app (Browser)
OS independent