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ZoneZero SDP - Software Defined Perimeter

Article number ZZU-AN-SDP-400
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ZoneZero SDP (Software Defined Perimeter) is capable of providing secure and transparent access to networks and existing internal applications, services and company data. The service also features Reverse Access Technology. Reverse Access Technology eliminates the need to open incoming ports in your organization's firewall. This ensures seamless, effective and secure operation.

Advantages ZoneZero SDP from TerraZone

  • Replaces outdated VPN
  • Modernizes access and improves security
  • Reduced network attack surface such as lateral movement attacks
  • Easy and fast deployment with Zero Trust Network Access
  • Support in the cloud, hybrid, on premise and existing applications/protocols
  • Reduce operational complexity and IT costs for access security
  • Improved user experience, connectivity and productivity

ZoneZero protects industrial IoT networks with Zero Trust solution

TerraZone developed a solution that is not only aimed at protecting devices against hackers. The solution also makes it possible to protect the data centre behind The Internet Of Things (IoT) from external IoT devices. The  ZoneZero SDP solution also makes the most troubling part of the IT environment safe and protects your organisation from intrusive cybercriminals.

ZoneZero SDP, ZTNA solution

Zero Trust Network Access provides reliable, secure and fast access to applications and networks, on-premises or in the cloud, and with any device. TerraZone realises with ZoneZero SDP that far-reaching authentication is possible. The platform works seamlessly with existing VPN connections. As a result, there is no need to redesign a network and the associated authentication protocols.

ZoneZero SDP enables organisations to create detailed and highly secure access scenarios. Different types of users, access from different locations and access to internal applications; everything can be set up and works flawlessly in your existing IT environment.

Perimeter Access Orchestration Platform

The ZoneZero ZTNA solution is part of the new ZoneZero platform: the Perimeter Access Orchestration Platform. This platform supports organisations and businesses in their digital transformation. Managing and monitoring external access is becoming more and more important every day. Securing critical business data is the ultimate challenge we face. The Perimeter Access Orchestration Platform offers a comprehensive range of solutions in a single platform.

Iron-strength combination on a single platform: ZoneZero SDP, ZoneZero MFA and ZoneZero VPN

In addition to ZoneZero SDP, ZoneZero MFA and ZoneZero VPN are also part of the platform. A rock-solid combination of solutions for identity awareness, access and security of internal applications and application-level enforcement.

4165_2020102613923_ds_Zone Zero SDP.pdf Datasheet
ZoneZero MFA - Multi-Factor-Authentication
ZoneZero MFA - Multi-Factor-Authentication

ZoneZero MFA - Multi-Factor-Authentication

50 in stock
Eliminate identity takeover fraud
Fully software independent
Easy and fast implementation
Provides micro network segmentation
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ZoneZero SFA - Secure File Access
ZoneZero SFA - Secure File Access

ZoneZero SFA - Secure File Access

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Prevent ransomware
Weak SMB protocol is converted to HTTPS
MFA is added for file share access
Price on request
Replace legacy VPN
Modernizing access and improving security
Reduce network attack surface drastically