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ZoneZero VPN - Virtual Private Network

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With ZoneZero VPN from TerraZone, organizations continue to take advantage of all that their VPN has to offer while experiencing the benefits of zero trust and secure access. VPN has kept our data and networks secure for years. However, to face contemporary cyber threats, organizations must act smarter and secure their data and corporate networks even better. ZoneZero VPN from TerraZone provides secure access, which you achieve with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) on your existing VPN infrastructure.

Advantages ZoneZero VPN

  • No implementation and no change in user experience
  • Integration of Zero Trust network access on current VPN connections
  • Eliminates vulnerabilities of VPN connections
  • Extra robust security model for remote workers
  • Add modern authentication methods on existing VPN connections (such as MFA)
  • Extend security across the network and prevent Lateral Movement attacks
  • Ensure that all users are authenticated before allowing network access
  • Improve security, simplify access control and reduce IT costs
  • Simplifies audit and meets compliance with new policies for cybersecurity

Transform your VPN to an SDP element

The TerraZone development team believes that if we want to implement a Zero Trust strategy, we should use a Software Defined Perimeter solution as a starting point. Because having an outdated VPN, combined with an SDP doesn't necessarily make you a step in the right and more secure direction, TerraZone has developed a future-proof, highly reliable solution: transform your existing VPN into a key element of a security suite specifically designed to block contemporary cyber threats.

ZoneZero Perimeter Access Orchestration suite

ZoneZero VPN is part of the ZoneZero Perimeter Access Orchestration platform and offers, among other things:

  • application-layer policy monitoring and enforcement
  • integration of Multi-Factor-Auhtentication (MFA) to any application or service
  • separation of data and control plane
4223_20201030204426_ds_ZoneZero-VPN.pdf Datasheet
Eliminates vulnerabilities of VPN connections
No change in behavior continue to use your VPN client
Integrating Zero Trust network access on current VPN connections