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USB-A Port Lock

Article number CSK-UL10
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USB-A Port Lock (Port Blocker) is a physical security component for blocking open USB ports. This prevents unauthorised persons from taking advantage of them. It also prevents malicious software installations. Think of malware or other viruses.

Insert this USB port locker directly into the USB port to prevent the use of this port. In addition, no software or power is required.


  • This USB port locker can be used on all systems with USB ports
  • In addition, you can also use this USB Port Locker with various Smart Keeper products: Link Lock Hub, Network Module Lock, DVI, Serial and Parallel Port Lock


  • The exceptionally thin Lock Key reduces risk and also blocks and prevents the unauthorised entry of USB storage devices
  • Remove the USB Port Locker with the universal key provided
  • Insulation tests are carried out and certified
  • Intuitive, independent first line of defence cyber security product

Effect and benefits

  • Low introduction costs
  • Easy to install and easy to use
  • No maintenance and no upgrades required
4246_20201114210652_um_USB Port Lock_CSK-UL10_EN.pdf Manual
4246_20220311135343_USB-A Port Lock (CSK-UL10).pdf Specifications
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USB-A Port Lock
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