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What 8 ways to cut your IT costs 2023

What 8 ways to cut your IT costs 2023

IT managers are at the helm when it comes to managing, securing and maintaining IT infrastructures. A performance-oriented position in which optimal operation of all systems and minimizing costs often coexist.

That is not to say that they also go hand in hand. On the contrary. IT managers experience great challenges in reducing IT costs while at the same time delivering high performance.

Because new solutions are often expensive, the focus is often on saving money. And that's where big steps can be made! In this blog, we make 8 suggestions for IT cost savings.

1. Proprietary servers for core activities

Is this still worth your money? Almost everything can be done from the cloud these days. The security of working in the cloud today is so well established that your company data is often even safer than on your local servers.

2. Schedule software updates outside business hours

You can set this all up and run it automatically. This can also be done outside office and production hours. This means that, on the one hand, you save on downtime that compromises the continuïteity of your business processes. On the other hand, you save on man hours: performing updates no longer has to be done manually.

3. Automate Windows updates

Windows updates need not take time either, this can all be set up and run automatically when not working.

4. Do you still need all this software?

Discuss annually with your department managers about the software needs that exist and, in addition, evaluate whether this software is actually being used. Anything that is not being used, or has no significant role in carrying out your company's core business can be scrapped. In addition, also look at licenses: do you need that many or could it be a little less?

5. Endpoint management for working from multiple locations

Does your company have multiple locations? Then tie them together with endpoint management. With endpoint management software, you enable remote working and make it easy to centrally manage and secure your environment. This saves a lot of travel time and hardware management.

6. A reboot to restore solution prevents support tickets

If systems are regularly rebooted and immediately restored to their original state, this prevents a mountain of support tickets. After all, systems need to be rebooted because that is what improves performance. You know from experience that hardly anyone reboots the system voluntarily. A reboot to restore solution offers a solution and significantly reduces support costs.

7. Reduce IT costs by reducing helpdesk and support tickets

Another advantage to reboot to restore software and that is that it reduces hardware degradation. Workstations are very expensive, so you want to make the most of your investment for as long as possible. Because the system is always restored to a clean state, leftover "junk" cannot affect the machines. So this means less new hardware needs to be purchased. This too brings significant savings in IT costs.

8. Stop wasting energy through energy management plans

These are not direct IT costs, but the IT department can be very instrumental in reducing the organization's energy costs. Consider implementing power management plans that reduce workstation consumption without affecting performance for users.

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