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Apricorn NVX 1TB SSD - Super Fast Ruggedized SSD

Article number ANVX-1TB
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EAN-number 0708326915151

Apricorn NVX NVMe SSD - Maximum security and the world's fastest hard drive

This generation Apricorn NVX NVMe SSD secure drive includes all the advanced security features you've come to expect from Apricorn. The Apricorn NVX NVMe SSD has a patented proprietary NVMe architecture to deliver 256-bit hardware encryption at transfer rates up to 1000Mb/s.

VAvailable in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB capacities. The NVX comes with a USB-C to USB-C extension cable.

This encrypted hard drive can keep up with the speed of your video camera at high frame rates!

While images are recorded, they are also encrypted on their way to Apricorn NVX storage media at speeds up to 1000Mb/s. With 5 available PINs, each user can access the contents of the device. Authorization can also be set by section within the storage. From camera to post, the Apricorn NVX NVMe SSD delivers the ultimate combination of speed and security. Content remains secure at all stages of production.

IP68 certified: A crush-proof enclosure

The Apricorn NVX NVMe SSD is smaller than most smartphones, making it easy to carry anywhere. In addition, the SSD can withstand extreme temperatures, rough terrains and hard knocks.

The crush-resistant enclosure of the Apricorn NVX is milled from high-quality and solid 6061 aircraft aluminum alloy. In addition, this SSD features rust-proof breakable fasteners and a new moisture-resistant rubber keyboard. Inside, the components are further protected with hardened epoxy padding. The rugged integrated USB 3.2 Gen.2x1 Type-C connection cable can be safely tucked away when not in use.

Apricorn NVX - no software - no problem

The Apricorn NVX unique hardware-based approach delivers the highest level of data security and workflow compatibility. Like all secure Apricorn drives, the NVX is completely software-free, OS-independent and hardware encrypted, making it fully compatible. 100% of the authentication and encryption processes take place and remain in the device itself.

Apricorn NVX features

Separate Admin and User mode/ PIN's

Admin mode controls universal programmable settings. User mode is for general settings such as read/write, unlock/lock and other functions. Up to four user pin codes can be registered.

Forced registration with Admin PIN

This feature eliminates the vulnerability of the default PIN by requiring the registration of an Admin PIN first before use. Therefore, we recommend implementing this forced registration in your USB policy within an organization.

Forced registration with User PIN

The user can set their own PIN.

Data Recovery PINs

New User PIN codes can be created without erasing existing data.

Programmable PIN length

Admin determines minimum and maximum PIN length (between 7 and 16 characters). The longer the PIN, the more secure.

Automatic locking

Programmable time of allowable inactivity before the station locks itself out.

Lock Override

Ensures that the disk remains unlocked during so-called pre-boot or passing through a virtual machine. This feature is mainly for switching from a PC and booting a virtual machine if you also want to use the drive in this environment. Note that the lock override feature does not work like an Apricorn ASK flash drive because these sticks have an internal battery. You can use the NVX and bootable OS, but the PC must have a feature to provide continuous power on the USB ports. You can sometimes activate this on new PCs in the BIOS settings. However, we offer no warranty for this feature because it is not used as a Boot Lock Override. It works purely on the basis of USB port Re-enumeration.

What is USB poort Re-enumeration

Re-enumeration within a USB system is a process by which the host detects the presence of a device, determines what type of device is connected, and determines the rate at which to communicate. This process is important because different types of USB devices communicate differently with the host.

Self-destruct PIN

If you perform a Crypto-erase, the data is permanently erased and this code becomes your new access PIN. This feature can be essential if customs abroad demand physical access to the secure Apricorn drive.

Brute Force defense

Programmable number of consecutive invalid PIN attempts (4-20) before a Crypto-erase is performed and before the data is permanently erased from the drive.

Provision Lock

Patented setting where the administrator can specify whether the device can reset itself by a user or after a Brute Force attempt. When this feature is activated, the user cannot reset the drive to factory settings.

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4786_20230509143921_ds_Apricorn_NVX.pdf Datasheet
4786_2023082280857_ug_Apricorn_NVX.pdf Manual
Apricorn Configurator - Provisioning tool
Apricorn Configurator - Provisioning tool

Apricorn Configurator - Provisioning tool

Article numberAP-CONFIG-KIT EMEA
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Local management
Provisioning tool compatible (Optional)
DLP - Per computer license
DLP - Per computer license

DLP - Per computer license

Article numbersecRMM-COM
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Data Loss Prevention
Operating systems
MS OS, MS System Center, MS Azure, MS Active Directory, HyperV, VMware, RDP, RemoteFX, Excel, SCCM, SCOM
Superfast SSD (NVme)
Operating systems
Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, Chrome and Citrix
PIN code
3 year
USB 3.1 Gen 1
120mm x 67mm x 15mm