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Deep Freeze

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Faronics Deep Freeze, unique reboot to restore solution

Deep Freeze is a unique reboot to restore solution. The software uses various patented technologies to redirect information written to the hard disk to a table in the file system, leaving the original data intact. The redirected information in this table is no longer referenced once the computer is rebooted. This restores the computer to its original state, down to the last byte.

Why Faronics Deep Freeze?

Faronics Deep Freeze makes computers within the organization indestructible, eliminates downtime, increases user productivity and guarantees 100% workstation recovery at every restart. Deep Freeze is available in Standard, Enterprise and Server versions for both Windows and Mac machines.

Deep Freeze provides the ultimate workstation protection by removing all changes users make to your computers and returning them to your chosen configuration with a simple reboot. It makes workstation configurations indestructible and prevents configuration drift and unintended system error configuration. This helps your organization maintain software compliance on all workstations.

Benefits from Faronics Deep Freeze

Reduction of IT tickets by 63%: Deep Freeze guarantees 100% workstation recovery with every reboot. Customers report an average reduction of 63% in IT support tickets.

Major cost savings by Deep Freeze: Applying Deep Freeze achieves significant operational cost savings by eliminating the need for IT technicians to spend time on routine computer errors and by extending the life of all Deep Freeze computers.

Completely without restrictions: Give users unlimited access and let them save their work, but avoid permanent configuration changes on computer systems.

Eliminate zero-day threats: Deep Freeze provides a simple and effective way to erase all malicious changes to your system, including zero-day threats.

Ensuring compliance with the license: Deep Freeze removes all software installed without your permission with one reboot and also helps your organization comply with license terms.

Deep Freeze Features

Central management: The administrator can easily deploy and configure Deep Freeze computers throughout the network. The console can also be customized with custom features.

Maintenance: Schedule several maintenance windows to perform automatic updates using a batch file or third-party management solutions. 

Automatic Windows updates: Download Windows updates automatically even when computers are in a frozen state. Schedule a maintenance window to run automatic updates in a so-called thawed state and return to a frozen state.

Thawspace: Thawspace stands for defrosted storage. With this feature, you create virtual partitions to keep important data even if no separate physical partition is available on the computer.

MBR protection: This provides even better protection for the Master Boot Record against rootkit injections and other modifications, keeping your security bulletproof.

Remote launch: Run existing applications on selected computers from the console or push the executable and start it remotely.

Lock Keyboard & mouse: Remotely lock keyboard and mouse to perform maintenance or prevent unauthorized changes. Also notify users by remotely sending a message about it.

Power management: With Faronics Deep Freeze you can easily and remotely perform management actions such as restart, shutdown and Wake-On-LAN, which are performed remotely on demand or at a scheduled time.

Integration: Use the built-in command-line interface to manage Deep Freeze with the most popular desktop management systems such as Microsoft SCCM, Dell KACE, Apple Remote Desktop e.g.

Deep Freeze versions

Deep Freeze Standard

Bullet proof disk protection for computer environments with 5 or fewer workstations. In addition, this version is also suitable for computer systems that are not connected to the network or the Internet.

Deep Freeze Enterprise (On-premise)

The Enterprise version is suitable for centralized deployment and management of a wide range of configuration options within the organization.

Deep Freeze Cloud

The reboot to restore solution offers more options with the cloud-based solution for total control over all IT assets within the organization. You also no longer need to purchase and maintain a separate server. The latter can also be a consideration when choosing between the Enterprise or the Cloud version. Note: The Cloud server hosted in Ireland.

Deep Freeze Server

Protect your Windows and Mac servers and ensure their 100% availability.

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