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Endpoint security, never let cybercriminals win

Installing good software for endpoint security is more important than ever. Cybercriminals are becoming more active én inventive, so laptops and desktops need to be properly protected from intruders. This also applies to mobile devices such as your phone or tablet. There is a wide range of antivirus software on the market. At Hart4Technology we aim for the highest possible security. Therefore we have made a selection of the most secure endpoint security solutions for you.



Zero day vulnerabilities

One of the things we paid attention to when selecting our antivirus program’s is protection against zero-day attacks. This includes, for example, the SolarWinds and Exchange attacks that have been much talked about in the news recently. Zero-day exploits involve hackers looking for unpublished or revealed vulnerabilities in software. The zero here also stands for the number of days that the software developer itself is aware of the leak or vulnerability. Hackers make eager use of zero-days, because a lot of damage can be done during this period.


A common form of zero-day threats is ransomware. Ransomware often enters through the email of one of the users in a network. Ransomware can be located in an email attachment, or behind a link that the user can click.

Protecting against zero-day attacks

There are several antivirus programs’s that address threats at various levels. This prevents cybercriminals from getting the chance to penetrate your (company) network and make data their own. The risk that criminals then sell this data on or use it for blackmail and extortion is now real.

Data breaches

Criminals see their opportunity when sensitive personal data is easy to obtain. They will not fail to do so, as there is a lot of money to be made from this particular business model. Unfortunately, stealing personal data through data breaches can have very unpleasant consequences for the individuals involved. It is therefore important to ensure that personal data is safe. In addition to the theft of personal data through data breaches, the theft of company data and trade secrets is also commonplace. Keep data safe from spies within your organization and outside your organization.

ESET Cloud sandbox analysis

ESET sandbox analysis provides a secure and fully isolated test environment in which potentially malicious programs can be tested. The behavior is then viewed and analyzed in an automated manner and reported.

ESET Dynamic Threat Defense

ESET Dynamic Threat Defense forwards suspicious attachments to emails to the analysis program. This analyzes the forwarded attachment at lightning speed and usually sends it back to Mail Security within five minutes. When the mail is found to contain malicious content this will be automatically detected and repaired. The mail will therefore not reach the mailbox of the recipient.