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Cybersecurity insurance? Well done. But only useful with MFA. Or are we going a little step further?

Cybersecurity insurance? Well done. But only useful with MFA. Or are we going a little step further?

MFA keeps out hackers and makes sure that if something happens, you can claim on your insurance. Without MFA, there's no cover. How is cybersecurity doing in your company? Do you think you've got it all together?

How is cybersecurity doing in your company? Do you think you have it all together? That there is now no possibility for hackers to break into your systems? Most companies have taken measures to keep cybercriminals out. These include antivirus software, encryption technology, adjustments to the firewall and regular testing. In practice, however, breaking into company networks often proves very easy. The only real solution is the use of Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). If you realise that cyberattacks don't just happen to someone else, do you think this can also happen to your organisation, then read on to find out what you need to do to prevent (financial and reputation) damage.

Increasing financial and reputation damage from cyberattacks

No MFA, no insurance coverage.

Cybersecurity insurances differ from each other, of course, but in general, costs are covered for things like:

  • Interruption of business operations
  • Loss or destruction of data
  • Incident response and investigation
  • Crisis management
  • Ransomware payments or other extortion demands
  • Legal fees and defence

Very unpleasant things with big consequences. Every organisation will see the need to insure itself against cybercrime. And many do. But does the insurance cover the damage? In many cases not. Simply because there is a mandate that requires MFA to be in place to claim coverage. If you do not have implementated MFA, then your insurance will not cover the damage.

The solution: implement MFA organisation-wide

The advantage of this is that there are more checkpoints when logging in. This means that companies can verify whether someone is who he or she says he or she is. Does the person not properly indicate who he or she is? Then it becomes very difficult to get in. The bottom line is that if you 're not on the 'guest list' you can turn right around. You simply won't get in.

The more sophisticated the cyber intrusion methods become, the more sophisticated your security should be. In practice, however, it often turns out that users are annoyed by the fact that they have to perform additional actions to 'get in'. However, there are solutions for this. ZoneZero, market leader and producer of cyber security software offers the product ‘ZoneZero MFA’. This allows users to prove they are who they say they are, the information to which they have easy access. In this way, they experience little inconvenience and security is guaranteed. ZoneZero MFA is an Identity-based zero trust solution that provides seamless integration with MFA providers (Synchronic MFA, Push messaging, Biometric, instant messaging, REST API) and secure access control, supporting both non-web protocols and legacy infrastructure.

Five reasons to purchase ZoneZero MFA from TerraZone today

The number of cyber-attacks continues to rise

Traditional cybersecurity measures are no longer sufficient to protect corporate networks from malicious actors. The tactics of cybercriminals are constantly changing and evolving, making it necessary to constantly update security measures. With MFA, you can keep virtually all cybercriminals out.

Protect against hackers who know all about you

Vulnerability testing and firewalls are crucial, but they don't sufficiently protects you against potential threats from criminals who have gained access to usernames and passwords. When criminals need at least two factors to verify an identity, such as a username or biometric identifier, it becomes practically impossible to get further access into the network.

Unable to steal passwords

The working methods of hackers are constantly changing. They are very inventive and are always trying out new ways and methods of cyberattacks. Although most users today are aware of phishing, they remain vulnerable to having their passwords stolen with newer methods such as keylogging and pharming. Measures such as biometric identifiers almost completely eliminate the threat of password theft, regardless of the methods used by criminals.

Or even more secure?
Read more about a password-free solution in this article about Zero Trust from ZoneZero and Thales STA

Identity theft is prevented with MFA

Identity theft can cause great damage. However, data theft is not the only risk. Hackers often collect the data they capture and then use it to send spam and viruses. There is also a risk that hackers will go one step further and not only steal data but also damage or destroy programs and services.

Easy for users. Moving to MFA is no barrier

ZoneZero MFA provides a high level of security without any barrier to the user. Users are familiar with the concept of ‘proving their identity’ to access sensitive information, for example by verifying their identity via an SMS code or via a QR code in a mobile app. The use of a biometric identifier makes it extremely easy for the user to access what they need by simply pressing a button or showing their face to a camera. There is no login process required.

These are the only things that can help you avoid a security risk.

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