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SafeCrypt Encrypted Virtual Drive 1 year

Article number SCM-1
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EAN-number 0853770007775

SafeCrypt where USB media is not allowed

If you are not allowed to use USB storage media within the organisation, SafeCrypt is the solution. For organisations and individual users it is essential how the data is stored. SafeCrypt makes storing data flexible and safe. It does not matter where the data is stored. Whether in the cloud, locally or within the network. With SafeCrypt from DataLocker you have the possibility to set up a secure virtual drive.

SafeCrypt encryption

SafeCrypt puts data encryption under the control of the users. Moreover, nobody except the owner has access to these keys. In addition, it has a FIPS 140-2 military quality validated encryption that is storage and platform-independent. You can track file activity on the SafeCrypt encrypted volume by keeping audit logs. These can be found in DataLocker's SafeConsole management platform. If your organisation has a SIEM platform, you can optionally send these logs to it.

Servers and virtual storage can be hacked. So protecting your data individually in the cloud easily with SafeCrypt. Do not worry that everyone sees everything, the data on SafeCrypt volume is fully AES encrypted. As a result, no one has access to this data.

3814_2020111320315_ds_DataLocker-SafeCrypt-DataSheet.pdf Datasheet