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Datalocker Sentry K350 secure USB-stick

Article number SK350-016-FE
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EAN-number 0893760002052

Are you looking for a solution to encrypt data? Everything you need is built into the DataLocker Sentry K350. No installation, it works right out of the box!

Ironically strong, hardware-based AES 256-bit encryption, an easy-to-use interface, and a range of automated security policies protect your data wherever you are.

With SafeConsole, administrators can control or terminate devices entirely over the Internet. With the DeviceDeployer tool, you can deploy the DataLocker Sentry K350 drives both managed and unmanaged on a large scale when needed.

Benefits of the DataLocker Sentry K350

  • Meets NIS2 guideline for secure USB sticks in combination with SafeConsole management
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified
  • Onboard OLED screen gives end users quick access to secure data
  • Device settings are easily adjusted following on-screen instructions
  • Optional: remote management and monitoring with SafeConsole management
  • Ultrafast reading and writing speed due to the internal micro SSD
  • Provided with PIN protection
  • Sturdy internal and external casing for enhanced physical security

Encrypted USB drive, level-3 certified

The K350 is a sleek and strong addition to DataLockers’ complete portfolio of secure management solutions, and is also backed by a 3-year warranty.

Advanced management

Administrators can set a strong password. When a user forgets his/her password, the administrator can unlock the K350 with an administrator password. Also, administrators are able to recover data from the user by logging in with an administrator password. The user is then required to reset the password.

For even better security, choose DataLocker SafeConsole, which allows you to manage separate groups of devices and individual devices with automated policies.

Also helpful, administrators can specify how many password attempts are allowed to fail before the device destroys the payload.

Works out of the box

A major advantage of the DataLocker K350 is that it works out of the box. All encryption, administration and authentication is performed on the K350 device. Thus, in stand-alone mode, a DataLocker K350 does not require a software agent to operate.

4593_20210828190002_ds_SentryK350.pdf Datasheet
4593_20210828190003_qs_SentryK350.pdf Quick start guide
4593_20210828190005_ug_K350.pdf Manual
SafeConsole Cloud Starter Pack 3 jaar Starter Pack - 1 year
SafeConsole Cloud Starter Pack 3 jaar Starter Pack - 1 year

SafeConsole Cloud Starter Pack 3 jaar Starter Pack - 1 year

Article numberSTART-SCC-1
50 in stock
Remote management
Active Directory support
Starter Packs
Includes 20 licenses
Operating systems
Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, Chrome and Citrix
PIN code
OLED display
3 year
101 mm x 22 mm x 13 mm
USB 3.1 Gen 1
USB 3.0 and 2.0
Citrix compatible
by Removeable Disk mode